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Welcome to Stark!
Since we established our founding grounds in mid-2014, we worked our way from rolling horses as a novice to prepping and rolling as a new sponsor, and finally to event training. We are proud to train in a variety of both English and Western disciplines, though we prefer to focus primarily on show jumping, three-day eventing, cross country, and penning.


Stark is honored to be the creator of the 2015 Holiday Reward Warmblood breed, the Sugar-Dusted Pastry Horse. Though not a private breed, this breed is still very near and dear to our hearts and we are excited to see the success that we and others have found in their lines.

Private Breeds
We are pleased to be the owners of eleven private breeds:
  • Ollivanders Wandwood Warmblood (Warmblood) | Am/Ph/Ex/Ex | A Christmas In July Gift
  • Fairy Lights Pony (Pony) | Ph/Am/Su/Eg
  • Romanian Warmblood (Warmblood) | Am/Am/Ex/Su | A Christmas In July Gift
  • Alderaanian Carriage Horse (Show) | Ex/Ph/Fa/Fa
  • Bertie Botts Every Flavor Belgian (Draft) | Ph/Ph/G/Vg | A Yuletide Gift from Draggy
  • Ilvermorny Riding Horse (Warmblood) | Ph/Ex/Fa/Ph
  • Florentine Warmblood (Warmblood) | Am/Ph/Ex/Fa
  • Pembroke Welsh Sport Pony (Sport) | Fa/Vg/In/Ex
  • Genovian Saddle Horse (Show) | Am/In/Fa/Ex | Gifted Pairs to Dissy
  • Stark Carousel Horse (Warmblood) | Am/Ph/Ex/Ex | A Secret Santa & HAC Gift
  • Mount of Persephone (Sport) | Am/Fa/Am/Ex

    In addition to these breeds, we are also the proud co-owners of:
  • Swedish Sport Horse (Sport) | Ph/Am/Ex/Ex | A Yuletide Gift from Dissy

    Within our stables, you will also find private breeds owned by other players of the game, such as Chios's Florinese Royal Mount, Chocobo, Last Unicorn, Guilderian Warhorse, French Saddle Pony, Austrian Warmblood, Norwegian Warmblood & Coronan Palace Guard; Draggy's Pyroland Balloonicorn, Shireling Pony & South German Heavy Horse; Moon's Tauntaun; Mystiq's Italian Heavy Draught; Purple's Times Square Warmblood, Mackinac Island Pony & Spun Sugar Saddle Horse; Kelsey's Mazursko-Poznanski; Dissy's Danish Sport Pony, Honeydukes Harness Horse, Beauxbâtons Carriage Horse, Swiss Warmblood, Icelandic Warmblood & Slovakian Warmblood; Jen's Belgian Sport Horse, Cosmic Warmblood, Montréal Sport Horse & Outback Stock Horse; Quasar's Moorelands Holiday Horse; Arabella's Diana's Sacred Hunter; Alyssa's Classical Show Horse & Cherokee Warmblood; Rockswell's Descendant of American Pharoah; CBOQRev's Descendant of Hickstead; Kate's Iberian Warmblood; and Amor's 40mph Sloppy Kiss Dispenser, Normandy Charger & Animagus.

    Private Lines
  • An extensive list of our current privately-owned lines can be found HERE


    Noteworthy Eventers
    Name Breed Discipline Level Earnings
    Strathisla | Glenfiddich Clydesdale Penning Planetary 58945250
    unnamed | unnamed Guilderian Warhorse Penning Planetary 55491750
    SŦΛRҜ .⤊. Kickapoo NASSH Show Jumping International 8842500

    Name Host Placing
    First Annual Chocobo Races Chio 1st (Leonora) | 5th (Asura)
    Chubbeh Bunneh Driving Extravaganza Draggy 4th (Boil Em, Mash Em, Stick Em, In A Stew)
    Krampus Sleigh Horse Broncos Enchanted 2nd | (Coming To Town)
    Sachsen Anhaltiner Train-Off Rockswell 4th (Overall) | 1st (Show Jumping)
    First Annual VHR Rolex Draggy 6th | (Vizzini)
    Purple's Gigantic PB Trainoff Purple 1st | (Eleven-Horse Team)
    VHR Winter Rolex Event Draggy 4th | (Faith)
    Second Annual Chocobo Races Chio 3rd (Ghido) | 4th (Lenna)
    March Community Jumping VHR 1st (Kickapoo) | 3rd (Picolit)
    April Community Jousting VHR 1st (Old Haunt) | 2nd (Regal Beagle)
    May Community Cross Country VHR 2nd (Gathering Storm) | 4th (On The Line)
    June Community Gaited VHR 3rd (Maybe Pancakes)
    August Community Reining VHR 1st | 2nd (Coleraine)
    September Community Pulling VHR 1st (Apple/Sugar) | 2nd (Crime/Logic)
    November Community Track VHR 1st (Rebellion) | 3rd (Chocolate Cherry)
    December Community Penning VHR 1st | 2nd


    Art Services
  • Coloring Thread
  • Banner Thread
    Training Services
  • Training is not available to the public on a regular basis due to time limitations, but please feel free to inquire.


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    Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
    SŦΛRҜ |ќ| Caipirinha Kiger Mustang Mare 9 western (Provincial) Not for Sale
    {`57} ☿ Still Waiting v1 ☿ Lipizzaner Mare 8.55 dressage (Provincial) Not for Sale
    unnamed Genovian Saddle Horse Stallion 11.5 dressage (Planetary) Not for Sale
    {`57} ☿ Uptown ☿ Lipizzaner Mare 8.55 dressage (Provincial) Not for Sale
    unnamed Pyroland Balloonicorn Mare 10.55 jumping (National) Not for Sale
    SŦΛRҜ .vɛnᴇᴛɪ. Picolit Venetian Warmblood Stallion 12.1 jumping (International) Not for Sale
    unnamed Skeksian War Horse Mare 9.3 jumping (National) Not for Sale
    SŦΛRҜ ✦ᵐʸᵗʰᵒˢ· Chionathe Centaur Mare 10.15 gaited (National) Not for Sale
    SŦΛRҜ ❭❊❬ Blueberry Hill Bavarian Warmblood Stallion 22 halter (Local) Not for Sale
    SŦΛRҜ ✦ᵐʸᵗʰᵒˢ· Cesydos Centaur Stallion 10.6 gaited (National) Not for Sale

    Net Worth: $1915474990