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. about us .

Still with me? Hi, I'm Ellie!

This is the place it all began, the place we established our founding grounds in August of 2014 with $100,000 and a Spanish Norman mare to our name. We worked our way up from rolling horses to roll-prepping on a sponsorship that was gifted to us by the ever-amazing Megan at Duke Ranch. If you don't know her already, go get acquainted (you'll thank me).

We ultimately made the jump from prepping to event training and the rest, as they say, is history.
In June of 2020, we fulfilled a long-time dream of becoming a game OP! We're honored and very excited to be able to give back to a game that has given so much to us.

. meet the horses .

Let's be honest, why else would you be here?

Privately Private

SŦΛRҜ-Created & Owned Private Breeds

We are the proud owners of twelve private breeds and the co-owner* of one with Dissy of Black Noir Stables, as well as the creator** of one Holiday Breed.

  • Ollivanders Wandwood Warmblood
  • Romanian Warmblood
  • Ilvermorny Riding Horse
  • Florentine Warmblood
  • Stark Carousel Horse
  • Siciliano Indigeno
  • Pembroke Welsh Sport Pony
  • Mount of Persephone
  • Swedish Sport Horse*
  • Alderaanian Carriage Horse
  • Genovian Saddle Horse
  • Fairy Lights Pony
  • Bertie Botts Every Flavor Belgian
  • Sugar-Dusted Pastry Horse**

Publicly Private

SŦΛRҜ Privately Lined Public Breeds

These are a few of our many lines built from foundation horses, bred for the best possible results in eventing, and fitted with a unique brand and naming scheme.

  • SŦΛRҜ ❭❊❬ Bavarian Warmblood
  • SŦΛRҜ ɖə Hanoverian (East)
  • SŦΛRҜ .σέ. Trakehner
  • SŦΛRҜ ⊰ᴄ⊱ Candycane Thoroughbred
  • SŦΛRҜ .έτος. Thoroughbred
  • SŦΛRҜ -ɴɵɨʀ- Thoroughbred
  • SŦΛRҜ ○Ϗ● Kladruby
  • SŦΛRҜ [ꂏ] Victorian Coach Horse
  • SŦΛRҜ ǁ⧫ǁ Australian Riding Pony
  • SŦΛRҜ -ɜxɛ- Exmoor
  • SŦΛRҜ }ŝ{ Baskerville Belgian
  • SŦΛRҜ {❄} Snowdrift Sleigh Horse
  • SŦΛRҜ [ώ] Walkaloosa
  • SŦΛRҜ |ќ| Kiger Mustang

Selected Showcase

SŦΛRҜ Exceptional Eventers

Whether trained by us or by others, these horses were all evented here at Stark and represent some of the best eventers that have come through our ranch.

. what we do here .

Are we all talk or do we actually have some goals?

We are proud to train in a variety of both English and Western disciplines but our primary interests are in Jumping (Show, Hunter, Hunter Over Fences), 3-Day Eventing, Track Racing, and Penning.

Outside of eventing, we have offered banner & graphics services that were incredibly well-received by the community; you can find examples of such work on our old commissions thread. We are very grateful to everyone who has ever commissioned work from us in the past and would like to thank you all here!

Both event-training and art commissions are currently closed as we are committing most of our time to our goals listed down below!

Locals Hot Off The Press

cultivating a reserve team of new eventers

We've been burning through our stock of local eventers and are constantly in need of new ones; fortunately we have many foals that are ready to be trained! If you are interested in training foals from some of our private breeds & lines, please let us know.


Foundations By The Dozen

getting new pure lines up and running

Our list of private lines above is by no means exhaustive and we have many complete sets of foundation horses of various breeds that we are hoping to get ready to breed to aid us in our first goal of replenishing our pool of new eventers.


Banners To Be Auctioned

giving the graphics a little refresh

With the demise of several image-hosting sites, we've lost many of the banners and graphics that adorn our clubs and ranches. While my time is limited and custom commissions are difficult, I hope to offer pre-mades as a nice middle ground.


Search Horses in this Ranch
Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
unnamed Once Upon A Time Warmblood Mare 22.35 halter (Local) Not for Sale
SŦΛRҜ |ќ| Caipirinha Kiger Mustang Mare 10.2 western (National) Not for Sale
{`57} ☿ Still Waiting v1 ☿ Lipizzaner Mare 11.85 dressage (National) Not for Sale
unnamed Genovian Saddle Horse Stallion 13.6 dressage (Planetary) Not for Sale
unnamed Once Upon A Time Warmblood Stallion 0.1 halter (Local) Not for Sale
SŦΛRҜ |ќ| Pepino Caliente Kiger Mustang Stallion 9.25 western (Provincial) Not for Sale
SŦΛRҜ |ќ| Cuba Libre Kiger Mustang Stallion 9.25 western (Provincial) Not for Sale
{`57} ☿ Uptown ☿ Lipizzaner Mare 11.95 dressage (National) Not for Sale
unnamed Lusitano Stallion 1 (Local) Not for Sale
unnamed Pyroland Balloonicorn Mare 11.75 jumping (National) Not for Sale

Net Worth: $1713797039