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Home of the Lippitt Morgan & American Buckskin since 2010, & the Black River Orlovs since 2011

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Why hello there. Oh no, please don’t be afraid, come closer. I see you’ve managed to find my little hideout. I suppose proper introductions are in order huh? Well I am Megan and this, this is Duke Ranch. What?! You haven’t heard of me? Oh no, this won’t do oh no… I suppose I shall have to educate you on the history of this place. < br> Duke Ranch was established sometime in the year 2004. I would LIKE to say sometime around March, but I really have no idea. I threw myself headfirst into the world of VHR without having an idea of what I was really doing. A helpful player by the name of Amyzan really got me rolling and started me up with my own breeding pair of Arabians, ٤ Barakah al Din ٤ & Amyzan Tinkerbell. As you can imagine I soon found myself submersed in a world of Arabs. I spent time breeding & selling what I thought were quality Arabians. Well some were and some weren’t, but I’ll never forget the start Amyzan gave me or the exceptional Arabs she gave me. I went on many hiatuses throughout that time as well until a few years ago I really settled my roots into VHR & started expanding my horizons. Duke Ranch has seen everything from big ‘ole Drafties to tiny little ponies. The years brought tons of changes to this ranch and plenty of different scenery. Then we wind down the years to now; a second ranch for all the “off” breeds and this place for Stock and Sporties. Currently I’m attempting to slowly work my way back into Arabians with a strong focus on Endurance. Time shall only tell if I succeed… although I have serious doubts I’ll be ever to kick all these stock horses outta their stalls.
ANYWAYS, have a look around & don’t be afraid to send a message my way if something is tickling you. I do ask that you do not send spam solicits (horse sale ads, halp me I can needz moniez).

The Horses

Oh ponies! How quaint!

Dukes 95 Sideways | Dukes Black Widow | ABH Black Maylor | link | link | link

(horses linked above are all 40M+ earning horses I’ve trained & evented myself, they’re all also owned by me)

If it lasts longer than normal… Arabians. Endurance, on occasion Three Day Eventing
If it runs… Thoroughbreds. Track, Steeple, & FH
If it turns ‘N burns… American Quarter Horses & Appendix Quarter Horses & American Buckskins. Sprint, Keyhole, Barrels (and so forth in the western world)
If it stops on a dime… Descendents of Comanche. Reining (and so forth in the western world)
If ya just don’t know to put it… Oddballs. Paints in Sprint, Nakotas in Barrels, basically anything not normally picked for those disciplines.
This is just a small list of the breeds you’ll find on Duke Ranch – Claiborne was not included. Your mind might explode if I had included it!
Is there anything special about my stock? It depends on what you’re looking at. I don’t really discriminate on what I purchase or what I train & breed. Basically this all sums up to – you can find anything here. Do I breed JUST pures? No, but I’ve got ‘em (I’m not real big into them – never saw the point). Do I have ONLY money lined horses? Nupe, but I’ve got ‘em & love ‘em. Do I have JUST impures? Mainly – some of my best horses aren’t pure. Really you can find anything if you search hard enough.


I dun good.

link | link | link | link | link | link

  • Feb. 12th 2012: Placed 5th in Rhapsody In Blue - HoF Train Off with IÐM Dark Creator (34606 C.S.), Claiborne Farms
  • Aug. 25th 2011: Placed 2nd in American Indian War Horse Train-off with ~RA~ Arapaho (78M+), Duke Ranch
  • July 29th 2011: Placed 2nd in Ava's Outer Space Thoroughbred Trainoff with WĦR Dance of the Mayflies {SPACE} .ia. (84006 C.S.), Duke Ranch
  • Dec. 24th 2010: Placed 5th in Arctic Challenge/Multi-horse Train-off> with WĦR Acerbus .ice. (24M+) and WĦR Kenro-Ji-Jin .fa. (1.9M+), Claiborne Farms
  • July 31st 2010: Placed 5th in Fourth Annual Champion Thoroughbred with [Pm] Delano (20M+), Duke Ranch
    Train-offs before this last one were never recorded & are lost to time.

    About Me

    Just who is this crazy gal named Megan??

    Stars Hallow | link | link | link | link | link

    (links above are to friend’s ranches)
    Really now, you’re interested in little ‘ole me? How sweet. Well if you absolutely MUST know then I suppose a little secret sharing won’t be so bad.
    My name is Megan, yes my real one, I didn’t exactly think through the player name bit… I’m a sophomore in college & still debating what I want to do with my life. Well, with college. I know what I want to do with life and that’s train horses. Speaking of horses, yes I have my own. Three to be exact :D There’s Lily, my 12yo Polish Arabian mare, who I’ve owned since she was 4yrs old and has more attitude than she needs. Then there’s Sonny, a 9yo AQH gelding, who I’ve also owned for a long time (since he was 6mos to be exact) and a bigger goofball than I have ever met. And finally there is little Dani, a 6yo AQH mare, also another one I’ve owned for quite awhile (since she was 6mos) and she’s also another diva at the barn (who I can proudly say I’ve trained all by myself). I’ve been riding for the past 12yrs, starting in Hunter/Jumpers, expanding a bit into the Western world (did some barrel racin’), and then Dressage these past 5 or 6yrs. Right now I’m training all my horses in Dressage after working alongside my trainer to train Lily. I’m attempting to do all their training on my own, but don’t’ hesitant to bring my trainer out to check their progress. Ummmm what else? I also have a silly black Labrador Retriever named Daemon (pronounced Demon) who turned four this year. He’s “hot” bred, but you wouldn’t know it & my dad uses him for AKC Field Trials/UKC Hunt Tests. We have another lab as well and a yorkie-poo. It’s also not uncommon to see a pup or two at our house for training. I also earlier this year rescued a CRAZY cat from a family who was taking less than great care of him. Loki (my boyfriend got to name him) is a 1yo (possibly – we’re not sure) orange domestic shorthair, and like I said he’s psycho. One of the WEIRDEST cats I have EVER met, but I love him… sometimes.


    Yeah sometimes I’ve got ‘em

    Duke Ranch Training | Megan’s Makings | link | link | link | link

    Event Training: $5M (unless otherwise stated)
    OPEN. Training for all types except Feral & Pony available. Can train in pretty much EVERY discipline. The only way to receive training is through the forums by posting on my training thread (link above). I will not take orders asking for training through messages in-game. Also, please make sure to read the ‘Important Things to Know’ before simply posting!

    Graphics/Banners: $1M (banners)
    CLOSED. Only way to order is through the forums. I will NOT take orders in game nor will I take them when closed. Link to my commission thread is listed above. Examples are available there as well.




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    dυĸeѕ Mister Tickles Criollo Stallion 9.95 western (Provincial) Not for Sale
    dυĸeѕ Ely Descendent of Marengo Stallion 8.55 eventing (Regional) Not for Sale
    unnamed Calvados Equus Mare 16 halter (Local) Not for Sale
    dυĸeѕ Mileena Descendent of Marengo Mare 9.1 eventing (Provincial) Not for Sale
    unnamed Calvados Equus Stallion 33 halter (Local) Not for Sale
    unnamed Cumberland Island Horse Mare 6.6 racing (Regional) Not for Sale
    unnamed Barb (Spanish) Stallion 7 eventing (Local) Not for Sale
    dυĸeѕ Baraka Shetland Pony Stallion 10 sport (National) Not for Sale
    unnamed Thoroughbred Mare 7.1 sport (Local) Not for Sale
    dυĸeѕ Varenne Standardbred Stallion 7.9 racing (Regional) Not for Sale

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