White Rain Stables
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Last on: 2024-07-12 11:04:18
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Welcome to White Rain Stables! As you can see from the ranch number, I'm one of the oldest players on VHR having played on and off since early to mid-2004! I started playing at the suggestion of a friend of mine after losing my horse as a teenager because she knew I missed fussing with him. Obviously it's not the same, but when you're a kid and miss horse stuff, VHR was a great substitute! Because my horse in real life was a saddlebred, my main interests were gaited and show breeds and gaited events. Rather than choosing saddlebreds, I decided to admire Kholran's from afar and instead get into Tennesee Walking Horses! After success with those in gaited events, I started to branch into other breeds, namely shires. My ranches were immediately crawling with low-endurance muscle monsters who destroyed the competition in driving events and jousting. After drafts, I slowly started to branch out to other breeds and events and even managed to place in the top three for one of DragonWings Jack of All Trades trainoffs, which I'm still pretty proud of several years later.

Now in 2022, I'm 34 and playing again around a full time job. I train and event almost anything and love acquiring new private breeds, and after so many years playing the game, I'm more than happy to help new and returning players figure out the game again. Come say hi either in my inbox or in the VHR discord!

Private Breeds

Ever since Nef opened the creation of personal breeds to all players, I've loved to collect them! My favorite themes are real or real-sounding breeds and breeds that have something to do with Lord of the Rings or World of Warcraft. Catch me making some DND breeds soon, too! These breeds are for the most part locked down on my ranch, but occasionally you'll find some on the ranches of other players I trust to do a nice job with them. Spotted Saddle Horses were my first private breed, but I've released those and Irish Warmbloods to the public and you can now get those whenever you'd like via the foundies page and for USD through the Goodies page.
Spotted Saddle Horse* ?/?/?/?
Tibetan Marwari Am/Ex/Ex/Ex
Trilling Tabby Trotter Ex/F/Ph/Ex
Chinese Gaited Horse F/Ex/Ex/F
Ketterdam Trotter Am/S/Ph/Ex
Macedonian Trotter Am/S/Ph/Ex
Trote y Galope Ex/Ex/Ph/Ex
***Co-Owed with Zimmy
Irish Warmblood* Am/Ph/S/Ex
Mount of the Witch King Ex/Ph/Ex/Ex
Ravkan Warmblood Am/Ph/Ex/F
Sienese Warmblood Am/Ph/Ex/F
Sokovian Warmblood Ph/Am/F/Ex
Cenarion Shapeshifter Ph/Ex/Ex/S
Winterfell Warhorse Inc/S/FG/G
Balrog Inc/Am/S/VG
Ent Ph/Am/G/S
Grove Warden Ph/Ph/G/VG
Fjerdan Coldblood Inc/F/EG/S
Cairhienin Warhorse Inc/S/FG/G
Taklamakan Desert Horse Am/S/Am/S
Illidari Warhorse Ph/Ex/Ex/Ex
Patronus Horse Ex/VG/Ph/Ex
Cloud Serpent Am/Ex/Inc/Am
Mount of Nyx Ph/S/Am/Ex
Welsh Sport Horse Ph/Am/Ex/Ex
Steampunk Pony Am/Ex/Ex/Am
Morian Cart Pony Ph/Am/S/EG
Brood of Ungoliant Ph/Am/F/Ex
Lothlorien Horse Ex/Ph/F/F
Sanderson Sisters Saddle Horse Am/Am/Ex/Ex
Ithilien Rangerbred Am/VG/Inc/S


Starting around July 2021, I started to consolidate brands for my public breeds after buying entirely too many different foundation horses. Though there's some wiggle my oldest lines are concerned, each public breed with a private line now has the same brand depending on breed type. There's far too many breeds for me to list the private lines I have, but if you see horses with these brands in events, those are mine! My private lines of horses generally stay in-ranch, but I occasionally sell foals or breedings from winners or toss foals at trusted pals if they need new eventers.
White Rain Stables WRS
Rain Authority R♛A
Wicked Winter
Elysian Night Drafthorses ✁ENĐ
Rain Dance ☁RĐ
The Nines 9s
Rainy Mountain Ranch RΣR
Puddle Hopping ṗĦ
Free Reign TBD
White Rain Stables ❅WRS
White Rain Stables ☪WRS


Sometimes I do a good job training. ;D These are a few of my favorite horses either from my recent return in 2021 or before.
WRS Nine in the Afternoon $167,406,000
WRS Northern Downpour $167,421,000
☁RĐ Banana Carrot $122,900,000
☁RĐ Blood Orange $122,840,000
☁RĐ Artemis $104,600,673
R♛A Strawberry Swan $106,856,787
☁RĐ Hypnos $38,175,250
☁RĐ Hades $44,105,000
R♛A Persephone $61,684,750
WRS Old Bear $61,802,500
ネコ Toby $64,652,500
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Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
WRS Markup Thoroughbred Stallion 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale
9s Trouble for Me Thoroughbred Mare 1 (Local) Not for Sale
unnamed German Warmblood Stallion 7 dressage (Local) Not for Sale
unnamed German Warmblood Mare 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale
ŊĭM Acciaio Murgese Stallion 10.6 driving (National) Not for Sale
ŊĭM Onice Murgese Stallion 10.6 driving (National) Not for Sale
9s Up n` Down Thoroughbred Mare 1 (Local) Not for Sale
unnamed Cider Mill Warmblood Stallion 1 (Local) Not for Sale
⚡HP Rubeus Hagrid Patronus Horse Stallion 1 (Local) Not for Sale
unnamed Cider Mill Warmblood Stallion 1 (Local) Not for Sale

Net Worth: $1022782540