The Evil One
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Last on: 2015-07-29 14:10:04
Event Trained by Kitt-Cat Founder of Event Trained by Kitt-Cat

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Player Bonuses:
Stocky Steeds
Rapid Recovery
Lesson Learner
Fantastic Foals
Bountiful Broods
Tenacious Trainer
Money Grubber
Rolling Rodeo

My Layout by Kitt-cat
About My Private Breeds About My Ranch/Me Custom Colors

My Private Breed Information:
  • Trait Du Nords: Draft Breed
  • Horse Of Rohan: Sport Breed (S/Eg/F/A) (Sold to phantom racer)
  • Edward Cullens Immortal Companion: Stock (A/S/Ex/S)
  • Cerberus: Warmblood (Created by me sold to shewolfgeo)
  • Jacob Black`s Imprinted One (Ex/S/Ex/S)

    None are for sale
    There will be no more then 6 released to the public of each breed. They wont all be released at one time

This layout was made by me Solotude. Do not steal or use in any way.
I am known as kitt-cat on the forums.

None of my private breeds are for sale/stud/brood unless i know you and trust you. Though i may auction off a foal every now and then.

I am mainly working with my private breeds but i do a few other horses too.
None of my custom colors are for stud unless you don't mine a sterilized/gelded horse.

Brilliant Black
Vincent Valentine
Devils Nightmare
Manchado Overo
Freedom Dont Come Free
Rum Tum Tugger
White with Tears of Blood
Red Chocolate Roan
Diabolic Disaster
Buckskin Dun Near Leopard
Blood Shoulder Rose Roan
Creature Of The Night
Celestial Phoenix
Scaredy Cat
Beauty Queen Etna
Spoiled Brat
Over Lord Laharl
The Punisher
My Little Angel (made after my neice)
Crypt Angel
The Cold Ones (Rohan Breed)
Fatal Attraction (Trait Breed)
The Witch Twins (Edward Breed)
Faithless (Edward Breed)
Blissful Angel (Edward Breed)
Insatiable (Edward Breed)
VooDoo Guardian (Edward Breed)
Cullens Family Secret

level 25 = 10,000
Maxing endurance, surefoot and movement (Must be stat maxed)= 20,000
Stat maxing, lvling to 25 and maxing surefoot, movement and Endurance = 75,000
Role Preping = 50,000
Rolling: Horse must be role prep

  • Age 18: 300k
  • Age 22: 450k
  • Age 30-33: 800k
    For rolling/role preping please send horse/s to 343456

    Service: Event Training
    All types cost $6,000,000
    That includes tweaking, entering in 10 shows, tack.
    I do not promise a winner

    Service: Craftable Items

    Shoes = 2,000
    NPC's 35,000
    Tack = 2,000

Top 5 Champions

.:.Halter Champions.:.
Name Breed Competed In Winnings Color
€ Blood Kissed Flaming Aethiops $37,132,500 Blood Shoulder Rose Roan
Name Breed Competed In Winnings Color
€ Firey Rose Flaming Aethiops Halter $28,716,666 Color
€* Imperfection Night Horse Halter $21,117,917 Kirara
€* Marrowind Friesian Halter $18,768,912 Spoiled Brat

.:.Western/Sprint Champions.:.
Name Competed In Breed Winnings
€* Polly Appendix Quarterhorse Competed In $54,710,315 Dun
€* Storm Chaser Appendix Quarterhorse Sprint/Barrels $42,842,825 Celestial Phoenix
color breed Competed In Winnings Color
color breed Competed In Winnings Color
color breed Competed In Winnings Color

.:.Driving Champions.:.
Name Competed In Breed Winnings Color
€ My Obsession Shire Driving $27,766,545 Brilliant Black
color breed Competed In Winnings Color
color breed Competed In Winnings Color
color breed Competed In Winnings Color
color breed Competed In Winnings Color

Horse done by Pheonee, Edward done by Me
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Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
ΛςεἪɿǥɧ*On Rudolpɧ Candycane Thoroughbred Mare 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale
€* Twisted Rumble Thoroughbred Mare 10.1 jumping (Local) Not for Sale
unnamed Companion Calvaryhorse of Alexander Mare 9 jumping (Local) Not for Sale
unnamed Shire Stallion 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale

Net Worth: $108000