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Here at the eventing part of Silver Birch you will find our wonderful eventers we are currently changing our focus to ACL's, APQH, and our personal breed The Duke's Courageous Companion. We also have rights to the Palouse horse as well as a couple other breeds.
Check out the links to our other ranches you find some awesome stock stallions at our stud ranch.
Most of our eventers are going to National and beyond.
Stud fees are negiotiable just message me. Pure stallions will be bred to pure mares only unless it is an exceptional mare.

Name Breed Level
[CM] Twisted Black and White Envy Appaloosa Regional/Reining
~Riveria Wildfire~ ACL National/Reining
~Alpha Buffalo Ghost ACL Provincial/Reining
~Snowy Starlight Apple~ ACL Provincial/Reining
~Black Silver Spur~ ACL National/Reining
~Saganhaft Bucht~ Personal Line ACL Provincinal/Reining
~Rose Wildfire~ ACL National/Reining
~ShyAnne~ The Duke's Courageous Companion Provincial/Reining
~Pure Shots of Gold~ APQH National/Barrel/Keyhole
Spirits Fantasma Warrior Spirit Chasers Local/Reining
~Chocolate Starscape~ APQH Regional/Barrels
~Rich N Winter~ APQH Local/Barrels
~Pip Chex~ APQH Provinicial/Barrels
DWS Flare of Royalty APQH Local/Barrels
[D] Rag On Comfortable APQH National/Barrels
~California Trickster~ APQH Provincinal/Barrels
~Texas Cochise~ The Dukes Courageous Companion Local/Barrels
~Perfect Ebony Roses~ APQH Provincinal/Barrels
Hollywood Rooster *TT* APQH Regional/Barrels
~Bay Rose Dreamer~ APQH Local/Barrels
Short of Cents *TT* APQH Local/Barrels

Here at Silver birch we specialize in western events Especially reining and Barrel racing. We have many champions and have bred a few we usually do not let foals we breed out very often. Please check our sales on this ranch we have AQH's for sale at great prices...

Name Breed Winnings
Pure Lilac Sun Pure American Quarterhorse 23,522,500
Hollywood Affair pure American Quarterhorse 21,283,250
*KT* Take A Flight Change American Quarterhorse 20,577,500
Knight Hawk American Quarterhorse 16,693,000
.GSF. Hawaii American Quarterhorse 13,525,000
(C*M) Cookie Jar Appendix Quarterhorse 12,101,000
CLE Sabinao Hot Night American Quarterhorse 12,130,269
color breed Winnings
color breed Winnings

Search Horses in this Ranch
Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
~Dun Splashed~ A Cowboys Legend Mare 18 halter (Local) For Brood 50000
~Simply Speckled Roan~ A Cowboys Legend Mare 18 halter (Local) For Brood 75000
.:RTB:. Wrong Spotted Dream Appaloosa Stallion 13.35 western (National) For Stud 150000
*KT* Iridescent Caballo Power American Quarterhorse Mare 6.6 western (Local) Not for Sale
~Pure Shots of Gold~ Appendix Quarterhorse Stallion 11.35 western (National) Not for Sale
~Sweet Germance~ Descendent of Comanche Mare 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale
~Amazing Rain~ A Cowboys Legend Mare 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale
PTRp| Ayashe Appaloosa Mare 21 western (Planetary) Not for Sale
[BSR] Spotted Smoke Appaloosa Mare 17.15 western (National) Not for Sale
.CA. Trick or Treat Appaloosa Stallion 32 halter (Local) Not for Sale

Net Worth: $1298526989