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Stocky Steeds
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Friendship Shadow Stables:
Here at Friendship Shadow Stables I strive to bring to you the best pure appys and pure mustangs. I also have two personal breeds Transylvania Steeds(Tranys) and Kitsunes(Kits).
Transylvania Steeds
My Tranys are werewolves, vampires, and horses mixed to create the furry vamp horses I call Transylvania Steeds. They are a warmblood type and do very well in dressage(just look up my Trany Hells Baby and you will see what I mean lol).
THEY ARE NO LONGER OWNED BY ME, DO NOT ASK TO BUY FOALS! Thank you and have a nice day -Drag

My Kits are based off the nine tailed demon fox on the anime show Naruto, the Kyuubi no Kitsune. They are huge foxes with redish orange fur and red eyes. Plus they have the added bonus of having nine tails lol. They are a stock type and are currently being evented in stock halter and later on reining. To see how well they do just watch Kitsune no Deidara who I am in the slow process of eventing(slow because not many people event stock horses in halter).

Private Breed Eventers:
These are the private breed horses I have that are eventing(whether they are my own private breed or ones I got from someone else)
Hells Baby
Evilless Girl
Grey Ghost
Ghost Striker
Tiny Terror

Hello I am DeathDreamer or Drag as I am known as and I am a girl with a weird sense of humor but hey being weird makes life more interesting lol. I don't really care if people make fun of me but make fun of my friends and I won't ever do business with you ever.
Also I now have two private breeds to my name Transylvania Steeds and my newest one Kitsunes.(The Kitsunes are not forsale at any cost unless I say so, So please don't bug me asking if you can buy any of my private breeds more often then not I'll flat out say no and you will also be sent to my Ignore List.)

Colors I Created:
  • Dragons Rath (220 of color)
  • Dragons Terror (70 of color)
  • Claws Of The Fire Dragon (15 of color)
  • Trick Or Treat If You Dare (5 of color)
  • Black Bay With Champion Looks (13 of color)
  • Pirate Medallion (2 of color)
  • Brisingr (3 of color)
  • Evil Black Dragon Scales (2 of color)
  • Halfbreed (3 of color)
  • Dragoneye(2 of color)
  • Terrible Trio(2 of color)
  • Demon Fox(1 of color)(on Kitsune no Kyuubi)

  • Gg(295530)
  • Presty(435517)
  • Blackie(264726)
  • Kitt-Cat(108690)
  • Ryelee(343456)
  • Panda(472989)
  • Domi(9877)
  • Oktobar(2477)
  • Widow(403387)
  • Rose(350652)
  • Indy(410005)
    Please note that the names are in no particular order.
    (If I forgot anyone please tell me and I'm really sorry if I did)

    1. Start my own pure line of appys.
    2. Get a 20 million winning appy. (done)
    3. Get Nick to win as much as possible.

    My Showcase:

  • Photobucket
    If anyone was wondering this awsome picture(the pic not the banner lol) was made by non other then Ghàidhlig Oktobar(#2477)
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    Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
    unnamed Thoroughbred Mare 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale
    >SD< Rose Belgian Mare 1 (Local) Not for Sale
    MS Lassie Paint Mare 0.8 (Local) Not for Sale
    >SD< Toryn Miniature Stallion 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale
    >SD< Hallow Appaloosa Mare 7.1 halter (Local) Not for Sale
    ♦SD♦ Blackoria Transylvania Steeds Mare 23.5 halter (Local) Not for Sale
    Kitsune no Kami Kitsune Mare 5.95 halter (Local) Not for Sale
    I|T Gift of Sorrow Thoroughbred Stallion 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale
    unnamed Thoroughbred Stallion 0.1 halter (Local) Not for Sale
    >SD< Sun Dancer Pony of the Americas Mare 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale

    Net Worth: $120000