High Stakes Ranch
Owned by Ninea
Player # 511
Last on: 2021-01-17 05:37:30
Trained by Ninea Founder of Trained by Ninea

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Player Bonuses:
Stocky Steeds
Wholesome Warmbloods
Grace and Glory
Fit and Fearless
Teh Smarts
Magically Mighty
Proud and Proper
Tenacious Trainer
Better Breeder
Rolling Rodeo

Before Messaging me, make sure that you are looking for Ninea(me) and not Nienna. If you are looking for her, there's her ranch. Thanks!

Horse Breed Color Stats Fee
|CM| Bleu Eyed Storm Dutch Draft Amz/Phen/Gd/Ex $1,000,000
¥HS Smooth as Silk Foundation Arabian Petroleum Jelly VyGd/Gd/ Sup/Ex Private
¥HS Purple Rain Foundation Thoroughbred Purple Rain ExGd/VyGd/Amz/ExGd Private

Horse Breed Color Stats Fee
[PLS] Bandit American Warmblood Mystic Fire Topaz Ex/Fan/Inc/Amz Private
Dark Ivy Dutch Warmblood Black Fan/Ex/Ex/Fan Message
€* Fantasy Star Shire Rainbow Inc/Amz/Gd/Fair Private

Horse Breed Age Color Stats Price
unnamed American Quarterhorse 12.3 Strawberry Roan Amz/Fan/Amz/Sup $100,000
unnamed Arabian 0.1 Dapple Grey VyGd/Gd/Fan/Inc $50,000
unnamed American Warmblood 0.1 Chestnut Ex/Amz/Sup/Sup $50,000

Horse Breed Discipline Earnings
|CM| Bleu Eyed Storm Dutch Draft Western (Penning Team) $8,823,750
¤Macha¤ Frostmourne War Horse Western (Penning Team) $9,531,250
¥HS Weeping Ange Whoniverse Horse Western (Penning Solo) $4,405,000
Training Package 1:$25,000
Breaking in-level 25 only(no stat-maxing)(foundies included)*If wanting shoes, make note.*

Training Package 2: $150,000
Breaking in-level 25 (stat-maxing of all stats)(foundies included)*If wanting shoes, make note*.

Training Package 3: $450,000
Breaking in-level 25 (stat-maxing of all stats and rolling)-(You must give me an age frame for rolling and/or what stats to work on.)(foundies included) *Notes in the note section of the horse to be worked.*

Right now I am switching my breeds from Warmblood to Ponies. Sayla has drug me into doing them with her and then I added on that they all shall be PURE with NO INBREEDING. All our pure ponehs we have so far are here. If wanting one, message me or Sayla.

I plan to work with the ponehs in all areas of training with some help. Mini BC: S/Ph/Eg/F

If you have any for sale please message me on here or on the fourms. Username is Ninea. Willing to do training trades for horses, message me to work out a deal.

High Stakes Ranch was founded in 2003 and has been going strong ever since. We've been through all the ups and downs of this game and has still stood the test. Been through many breeds and will continue to do so in the future.

I'm a pretty nice person so feel free to ask me any questions and I will try to answer them to the best of my abilities. If I can't then I will point you in the right direction to go to find it.


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Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
|CM| Bleu Eyed Storm Dutch Draft Stallion 13.55 western (International) For Stud 1000000
¥HS Crown Royal Exmoor Stallion 9.35 sport (Provincial) For Stud 500000
F|I Blackened Steel Thoroughbred Stallion 10.35 sport (National) For Stud 300000
SSV Sidekick Shetland Pony Stallion 11.75 western (Local) For Stud 500000
Dancing Beside The Devil German Warmblood Stallion 10.4 dressage (National) For Stud 300000
S-Poneh Seven Miniature Stallion 22.05 halter (Local) For Stud 250000
PF Mirror Image German Warmblood Stallion 9.3 dressage (Local) For Stud 25000
¥HS Miniature Sun Miniature Stallion 21 halter (Local) For Stud 850000
unnamed American Quarterhorse Mare 12.55 western (Local) For Sale 50000
unnamed Oldenburg Stallion 1 (Local) For Sale 25000

Net Worth: $38623323