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Misty Knoll Ranch - training stables (main account)
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Another Sunrise - retirement / holding stables
Argente Acres - broodmare barns
Arched Neck - Arabian Program

+// Arched Neck Enterprises //+

Misty Knoll Ranch has one of the most competative Paint and QH breeding programs on VHR. We take pride in producing some of the best QHs, and now Paints, on VHR. If you have an excellent Quarter Horse, check its bloodlines, you might just find a few MK bred horses on there. To add some new bloodlines to our Paints we started collecting a few Arabian mares to add to our breeding program, but then go hooked on the little devils... and so Arched Neck Enterprises was born.

MK [P] Stands for PURELY Misty Knoll. Arabians with MK [P] in their names came from bloodlines that were only through Misty Knoll Ranch. This special bloodline can be traced back to Arabians caught from the wild. When Tlouey (owner of Misty Knoll Ranch) finally 'let out' her MK [P] bloodlines in February 2009, she retired or sent all her horses of MK [P] to this account to not be bred together again. Because of this, Arabians with MK [P] bloodlines are very special and rare.

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Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
MK Shameless Dancer Tiger Horse Mare 14.8 endurance (Local) Not for Sale
MK Royal Dancer Tiger Horse Stallion 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale

Net Worth: $1941000