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+// Misty Knoll Ranch //+
Member Since January 17th, 2004 // Sponsor Since August 31st, 2004

Misty Knoll Ranch currently strives to develop a higher level of quality in American Quarter and Paint Horses... and now Arabians too! Our goal is to create stronger, faster, more intelligent horses with a higher level of stamina. Through Selective Breeding we are working on creating high-class race, halter and western working horses. We are also working to distribute our bloodlines throughout VHR so that others can reap the benefits we strive to attain through our QH & Paint breeding programs.

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MK Horse Spotlight
MK [P] Blessed Illusions - This mare is from the [P] line of Arabians that Misty Knoll Ranch has begun breeding. The P stands for PURE.. which means that there is no outside blood in these horses other than MK blood. The idea is to start a line of Arabians souly of MK breeding. Blessed Illusions has given us a promising look into the future of this Purely MK-bred line of Arabians as she has won just over 85 million dollars in Endurance races. We are now using her as a broodmare and hope that her foals will be just as successful. Blessed Illusions was trained and evented by the fantastic Desert Fire.

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June 06, 2005

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Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
MK Endorsed By Dexter Miniature Stallion 20 halter (Local) For Stud 100000
MK Entering the Fourth Dimension Miniature Stallion 20 halter (Local) For Stud 400000
MK Capsized by Obsession Miniature Stallion 20 halter (Local) For Stud 400000
MK Blanketed in Scarlet Grade Pony AAA Stallion 21 halter (Local) For Stud 200000
MK Space Time Continuum Miniature Stallion 20.25 halter (Local) For Stud 300000
MK Quantum Mechanics Miniature Stallion 21.05 halter (Local) For Stud 300000
MK Obsessive Envy Miniature Stallion 22.15 halter (Local) For Stud 200000
MK Ghetto Fabulouse Zebra Stallion 19 halter (Local) For Stud 1000000
unnamed Miniature Stallion 0.1 (Local) For Sale 100000
MK Blue Supernova Miniature Stallion 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale

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