Silverbrook Mares
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Est. Sep 2005

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This ranch keeps my purebred broodmares.
If you would like to lease any please message ranch #114823.
Please be aware that not all are available to the public.

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Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
unnamed Paso Fino Mare 20 halter (Local) Not for Sale
ξατ Ivy League Descendent of Mister Ed Mare 19.2 dressage (Provincial) Not for Sale
unnamed Connemara Mare 22.2 halter (Local) Not for Sale
Purely Grey Paso Fino Mare 20 gaited (Local) Not for Sale
.Fly With Me. Baluchi Mare 20.9 halter (Provincial) Not for Sale
.JDZ. Bridgette Connemara Mare 7.3 western (Local) Not for Sale
unnamed Paso Fino Mare 20 halter (Local) Not for Sale
.Lucinda. Baluchi Mare 7.35 endurance (Regional) Not for Sale
Scarlet_Godiss Flaming Aethiops Mare 21.5 halter (Local) Not for Sale
Gummy Horse Australian Waler Horse Mare 19.5 halter (Local) Not for Sale

Net Worth: $8361500