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Est. Sep 2005

Training/Eventing/ Sponsor 3/ Holding/ Sales/ Breeding/ Holding II/ Conformation/ Stallions/ Mares/ Pure Foals/ Pure Mares/ Pure Stallions

Welcome to what i consider my main ranch. I do the majority of dealings through here so if you have a question or enquiry you will get me here the quickest.
If you are after event training there are plenty of examples here.

OPEN - Event training: 1mill each
Please message me before sending contracts so i can let you know to send them.
For best results please send BC or 1 off foals.
I have success in speed events, dressage, showmanship, jumping and endurance.
I also have some experience training western, driving, 3 Day Eventing and gaited events.
I do NOT train bronco, vaulting or jousting.

New player? Struggling to get started. Feel free to message me and i will help you on your way with a free event trained horse. I can also supply a suitable foal for you best suited to the discipline you are interested in if needed along with some tips to help you.

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Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
•JDZ• Calaerel Hokkaido Mare 8.95 western (Provincial) Not for Sale
•JDZ• Alfirichon Hokkaido Stallion 7 jumping (Local) Not for Sale
Mama Spots of Distinction Spotted Mama Mare 7.9 western (Regional) Not for Sale
{`57} ⍟ Dee`ja v2 ⍟ Naboo Royal Mount Mare 10.65 dressage (National) Not for Sale
sᴍᴇ༺❀ᏕᎮᏒᎥᏁᎶ❀༻ Tempes Spring Meadows Specialty Horse Stallion 0.1 halter (Local) Not for Sale
•JDZ• Child of the Moon Once Upon A Time Warmblood Stallion 11.8 dressage (International) Not for Sale
•JDZ• Lieselotte Candycane Thoroughbred Mare 8.2 sport (Regional) Not for Sale
•JDZ• Lady of the Lake Once Upon A Time Warmblood Mare 11.85 dressage (International) Not for Sale
•JDZ• Selfless, Brave and True Once Upon A Time Warmblood Mare 8.75 eventing (Provincial) Not for Sale
Shanks Carrot Shank’s Pony Mare 7.8 sport (Provincial) Not for Sale

Net Worth: $771167881