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.ar. Eternity
Am QH - Phe/G/Phe/Sup
1st Gen Pure Stud

This ranch is where i keep my studs available to the public. I have a range of different breeds from stock, draft, warmbloods, sport and more. I have a few foundies, different colors and box dyed horses.

If any of the studs need to be turned please PM me.

These are my current branded stock. If you see this in the horses name, this is the meaning:

.:B.C:. = Pure Australian Aboriginal Horse
^B.C^ = Pure Romanian Guard Horse
*= As of 26th of June 2013 if you see this at the end of a horses name it indicates the horse has not been bred at Brandy Creek.
[B.C] = 100% Pure Brandy Creek Horse (this is only new as of 28th may 2013, other pure horses are B.C and stated on horse if pure).

Colored Studs
These are my current colored studs. (Needs to be updated)

HorseBreedStatsColorNo. of ColorPrice
.Striped Beauty.Grade Stock AAAAmz/Amz/Phe/ExUnknown$100,000
ZC Fashion StatementA Cowboys LegendAmz/Ex/Phe/AmzUnknown$15,000
EMK Sugar Coated EvilShireInc/Phe/Fg/FgHowling White Wolf500+$10,000
HM> Forever UniquePaintEx/Fan/Amz/Fansorrel overo w/diamond spots& 1 green & blue eye118$20,000
[FCP] Two Part FanPaintInc/Amz/Amz/ExFlaming Chestnut w/silver mane & tail100+$50,000
Sweet Sunset RomanceA Cowboys LegendEx/Sup/Ex/ExUnknown$20,000
WWF AcePaintAmz/Amz/Amz/PheBlood Red1000+$50,000
Johnny BlazeA Cowboys LegendAmz/Sup/Amz/ExUnknown$20,000
SDR Of The Royal AcesAmerican QuarterhorseInc/Sup/Inc/SupReplica of Secretariat200+$50,000
ZC Kickstart My HeartA Cowboys LegendAmz/Phe/Phe/PheUnknown$50,000
★ Hollywoods Gotta Beachboy ★PaintEx/Sup/Amz/ExWitches Brew300+$50,000
DC CheaterPaintTo Be RolledKing Cheetah1000+$5,000
S*H Envious Lacing DudeNokotaTo Be RolledUnknown$50,000
♣SR♣~Colonels Hundred Proof Champagne~American QuarterhorseTo Be RolledUnknown$50,000
B.C Splashed White*Descendent of Man O WarTo Be RolledUnknown$50,000
unnamedGrade Stock AAATo Be RolledToffee w/ Carmel mane & tail1000+$5,000
unnamedAppaloosaTo Be RolledDappled Dun w/ Appaloosa Markings1000+$5,000
unnamedA Cowboys LegendTo Be RolledUnknown$50,000
WSH- Mr MontyA Cowboys LegendTo Be RolledUnknown$50,000
unnamedAppaloosaTo Be RolledUnknown$50,000

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Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
.Striped Beauty. Grade Stock AAA Stallion 7.35 western (Regional) For Stud 100000
ZC Fashion Statement A Cowboys Legend Stallion 21.3 halter (Local) For Stud 15000
EMK Sugar Coated Evil Shire Stallion 8.9 sport (Local) For Stud 10000
HM> Forever Unique Paint Stallion 18.8 halter (Local) For Stud 20000
[FCP] Two Part Fan Paint Stallion 33 halter (Local) For Stud 50000
Sweet Sunset Romance A Cowboys Legend Stallion 6.2 western (Local) For Stud 20000
WWF Ace Paint Stallion 33 western (Local) For Stud 50000
Johnny Blaze A Cowboys Legend Stallion 6.45 western (Local) For Stud 20000
.ar. Eternity American Quarterhorse Stallion 20.05 halter (Local) For Stud 100000
Project RR 2 Belgian Stallion 33 halter (Local) For Stud 50000

Net Worth: $5177650