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Who Are We?

This is the main ranch for the Shamrock Ranch, Inc. Here we specialize in training and eventing the best of the best. Currently, we are focusing on eventing our private breeds to see how they do. There are always foals for sale on our Sales Ranch (Link is located on the “Other Ranches” tab). Don’t see what you are looking for? Check out our Public Breeds list. If the breed is on this list it is available to the public and we offer foals from that breed. This ranch is also, home to our Novice Program (Information Under the “Services” tab). Nonetheless, I love the game and enjoy making new friends on here so feel free to send me a messag< hr>

What's Happening At Our Ranches?

5/2016: This month we have started eventing again and our Private Breed the Espheni War Horse are doing very well in Penning and Reining events! We also, received our 5th Private Breed (not including any partnered pb that was not created by me) the Pretty Little Pony. They were named after what my son calls his pony and all the foundations have special goodie dye colors that are crayola crayon color themed.
6/2016: This month we began coloring linearts for the first time and even held a few colored lineart auctions, which did very well. We also received our 6th Private Breed the Patriotic Pony which currently has 4 goodie dyes on the foundations and we are working on getting 4 more for the rest of them as soon as possible.
7/2016: We have been working on perfecting our lineart coloring and are now offering lineart coloring to the public. We are also, putting in another order for another new Private Breed through our great friend Sky Racer 721 :D

What Are We Looking For?

Currently, the Shamrock Ranch, Inc. is looking for Foundation Belgian Stallions, any Pony Foundations, Unmade Goodie Dyes, unmade Private Breed, and any Unused Box-Dyes. We are also needing someone to make us a few Private Breed Banners and someone to bulk some untouched Private Breed foundations.

What Services Do We Offer?

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    Don't have the playcash? No problem. We will do trades on Training and Art Services for unmade goodie dyes or other goodie items as well.We even do trades on foals (money lined, box-dyed, or goodie dyed). Looking for something not listed? Message me with what you are looking for if we do not offer it chances are we know someone who does :D Are you a new player? We offer, free or discounted training and free foals/horses. Just message us for more information on our Novice Help Program after you have read the qualifications below!


  • Prepping-$100k
  • Prepping and Rolling- $150k
  • Rolling (Already Prepped)- $100k
  • Reining Event Training-$500k
  • Western Trail Event Training- $500k
  • Halter Showmanship- $500k

  • Art

  • Colored Linearts- $1mil-$5mil
  • Banners- $500k-$3mil
  • Custom Horse Pictures- $100k-$5mil
  • Custom Layout Pictures- $1mil-$5mil

  • Goodies

  • 1 Month Upgrade- 6mil (Closed)
  • 3 Month Upgrade- 15mil (Closed)
  • 6 Month Upgrade- 27mil (Closed)
  • 1 Year Upgrade- 50mil (Closed)
  • Goodie Dye- $13mil (Closed)
  • Box-Dye- $13mil (Closed)
  • Foundation Pairs- $11mil (Closed)
    How To Create A Foal

    The create-a-foal program is just that you create your dream foal. Pick a mare and a stallion that you want to be your foal’s parents. I will breed the foal for you and you will receive it unnamed and have the option to have it shoed and vaccinated before leaving the ranch at no additional charge, which is always recommended. You even have the option to get it trained by me at a huge discounted price (maybe even free). The prices for this service will vary depending on the sire and dam that is chosen. I can even dye it any color you would like (player created dyes not box dyes or goodies dyes). Now is your chance to have your dream horse please go ahead and send me a message. (Private Breeds Not Included)

Novice Player Program

This program is for players that are starting out. You must be a new player with under 500k in playcash to participate. If you meet that qualification head over to our Public Breeds List and choose the breed you are wanting. Once, you have choose the breed you would like send me a message. You will receive 2 foals (unrelated pair) from that breed with free training depending on what you are wanting to do with them. If I cannot event train in the event you are wanting I will try to locate a player that can and pay to have them trained. If you want to breed some foals I will prep and roll both foals for you so they produce the best quality offspring that they can. I also offer free foaling on my breeding ranch that have breeding bonuses as well. Already have a foal but need it trained? Send me a message and I will help you out or point you in the right direction of someone that can. Just have questions? Send me a message and I will answer them to the best of my ability or send you to someone one who will know the answers you are looking for :D

What Public Breeds Does The Shamrock Ranch, Inc. Own?

Draft Breeds

  • Baskerville Belgian
  • Belgian
  • Black Forest Chestnut
  • Clydesdale
  • Creepy Cream Draft
  • Odins Ice steed
  • Reindeer
  • Shire
  • Snowdrift Sleigh Horse
  • Troika Harness Horse

  • Feral Breeds

  • American Indian Horse
  • Australian Aboriginal Horse
  • Banker Horse
  • Bloodless Breton
  • Grinch Horse
  • Hell Horse
  • Mustang
  • Przawalski
  • Riwoche
  • Yule Goat
  • Zombie Zebra

  • Gaited Breeds

  • Hoarfrost Harbinger
  • Saddlebred
  • Wight Walkers
  • Wintry Walking Horse

  • Pony Breeds

  • Abominable Snow Pony
  • American Shetland Pony
  • Choctaw Indian Pony
  • Connemara
  • Gotland Ghost
  • Pony of Americas
  • Pumpkin Pony
  • Putrifying Pony
  • Sea Horse
  • Shetland Pony
  • Spooky Shetland
  • Sugar Plum Pony
  • Welsh Pony

  • Show Breeds

  • Andalusian
  • Azteca
  • Fiendish Friesian
  • Flaming Aethiops
  • Friesian
  • Frost Fair Show Horse
  • Headless Horse
  • Lifeless Lustiano
  • Lipizzaner
  • Morgan
  • Mummified Morgan
  • Ornamental Show Horse

  • Sport Breeds

  • Akhal-Teke
  • Anglo Arab
  • Arabian
  • Barb (North African)
  • Butterfly Horse
  • Candy Cane Thoroughbred
  • Cleveland Bay
  • Devils Steed
  • Ghoulish Griffon
  • Horrid Hunter
  • Phooka
  • Russian Don
  • Russina Orlov
  • Skeletal Sport Horse
  • Standardbred
  • Station Horse
  • Summer Solstice Sport Horse
  • Thoroughbred
  • Trick of Treat Thoroughbred

  • Stock Breeds

  • A Cowboys Legend
  • American Quarter Horse
  • Appaloosa
  • Appendix Quarter Horse
  • Canadian Cutting Horse
  • Colorado Ranger Horse
  • Descendent of Comanche
  • Hot Chocolate Quarter Horse
  • Krampus Sleigh Horse
  • Marsh Tacky
  • Medieval War Horse
  • Paint
  • Plagued Pegasus
  • Ranchero Stock Horse

  • Warmblood Breeds

  • American Warmblood
  • Awesome Equinerd
  • Halloween Hanoverian
  • Hanoverian East
  • Hanoverian West
  • Holsteiner
  • Jack O Lantern Jumper
  • Oldenburg
  • Snowhorse
  • Sugar-Dusted Pastry Horse
  • White Christmas Warmblood
  • Witchy Warmblood

  • What Private Breeds Does the Shamrock Ranch, Inc. Own?

    Espheni War Horse

    The Espheni War Horses originated when the Espheni aliens invaded Earth. The Espheni Overlords used large slug type alien organisms that were attached to the spine, also known as Harnesses to control humans, Skitters, and these horses to help destroy humanity during the invasion. These harnesses eventually turned them into horses with Skitter like characteristics and gave them superhuman strength. Ben a harnessed human formed a bond with the Espheni War Horses and taught them how to overcome the Espheni Overlords control. Today, they can be found in a variety of colors; however, they still look alien like as did their ancestors. They still have their superhuman strength, which helps them excel in penning, roping, and reining events; however, they often scare their competition away with their alien like appearances. This breed was inspired by the television series "The Falling Skies".
    Origin: Unknown
    Breed Type: Stock
    Birth Cap: Ph/Ex/Ex/Ex
    Created By: Me (One Foal Released)

    Mystic Falls Quarter Horse

    The Mystic Falls Quarter Horses originated in the small town of Mystic Falls, Virginia. This town is full of vampires, werewolves, and witches hiding amongst the civilians. Nonetheless, the vampire Salvatore brothers Damon and Stephen both fell in love with a doppelganger named Elena. The Salvatore's had to protect her from all the evil that wanted her blood so they entrusted in the help of horses to get them through the tough terrains and escape these evil beings. Damon and Stephen soon realized that they were not enough protection for Elena and decided to turn their trusty steeds into Vampire Horses for more protection. These horses are now known as The Mystic Falls Quarter Horses. However, they had a blood thirst that meant they had to avoid humans and were only owned by supernatural beings. Over the years they have learned to control these urges and live amongst normal humans and horses to this day. Some of these horses still reside at the Salvatore Boarding House to help protect Elena until she awakens from a 60 year long slumber that Kai an evil witch cast upon her. Nonetheless, today they are used mostly for western events and companion horses. However, that is when someone or something is able to capture and tame them. This breed was inspired by the television series The Vampire Diaries.
    Origin: Unknown
    Breed Type: Stock
    Birth Cap: Ph/Ex/Ex/Ex
    Created By: Me (One Foal Released)

    Whimsical Winter Wonderers

    These whimsical horses are known for being playful and mischievous. They enjoy hiding presents from Santa's elves and are always trying to join in the reindeer games. They appear after the first snowfall of the year and stay around until spring. They are very playful and have been known to play hide and seek with all the children. They are a child's best friend. Some have even stayed with good little boys and girls all year round. They are hard to befriend but once you do they come back year after year to bring holiday cheer to everyone they meet. The Whimsical Winter Wonderers were originally sparkling silver with a blue tinsel mane and tail in color. Today, they can be found in every color with a holiday touch.
    Origin: North Pole
    Breed Type: Draft
    Birth Cap: Ph/Ex/Ph/Ex
    Created By: Me (One Foal Released)

    Pretty Little Pony

    These ponies are known for being a toddlers best friend. They are found in an array of colors that help enhance a toddlers eyesight. These ponies got their name from my son when he called his 4 legged best friend a Pretty Little Pony. They have a whimsical effect on toddlers and people of all ages that keep them occupied for hours from their unique colors to their fairy like wings. They can be found any from fairy gardens to defeating the terrifying T-Rex. Some have even been known to visit Outer Space and defeat the Monster Under the Bed. Today they are shown by children of all ages in a variety of events and still bare the unique colors that are often found in a child's crayon box.
    Origin: Land Of Make Believe
    Breed Type: Pony
    Birth Cap: Unknown
    Created By: Me (No Foals Released)

    Patriotic Pony

    The ponies are everything patriotic from their colors to their owners. They were originally owned by American Soldiers during deployments, Veterans with PTSD, and Families of Fallen Heroes. The Patriotic Ponies bring comfort to the soldiers and their families during their darkest hours. Some people even say these ponies have magical powers of bringing happiness to anyone they meet. Today they are owned by anyone that shows patriotism and their Military Camouflage coloring is a reminder that Our Heroes Wear Combat Boots. These special ponies are often seen in Fourth of July, Veterans Day, and Memorial Day parades in remembrance that some troops never make it home and that their ultimate sacrifice will never be forgotten
    Origin: Fort Carson and Fort Bragg, USA
    Breed Type: Draft
    Birth Cap: Unknown
    Created By: Me (No Foals Released)

    Silver Bells Sleigh Horses

    The Silver Bells Sleigh Horse originated from the North Pole. They were used as Santas elves trusty steeds so they could travel around the North Pole. They pulled sleighs through the winter tundra and moved presents from Santas workshop to they are held until Christmas Eve. One year on Christmas Eve long ago there was a horrible storm and the reindeer were unable to fly so Santa used these horses to deliver presents to the children all over the world. That very special Christmas Eve he gave all the good little girls and boys a Silver Bells Sleigh Horse of their very own. Today, these children use them in show jumping and still have them pull a sleigh over the snow covered ground. However to this day when Santa needs them they return to their old duties and help deliver presents all over the world. Some even still reside in the North Pole and help the elves. The very first horses were frozen blue in color with icicle manes and tails but today they can be found in any color.
    Origin: Unknown
    Breed Type: Warmblood
    Birth Cap: Am/Ph/Ex/Ex
    Created By: Me (Partnered with Dragonwood)

    Swon Brothers Stock Horse

    The Swon Brothers Stock Horse originated in Muskogee Oklahoma. They are now found all over the world. Zac and Colton Swon loved horses and decided they wanted a breed that would be dedicated just to them. These horses are very loyal to the Swon Brothers and can even be found enjoying their country songs. These horses are only owned by Swon Brothers enthusiasts that enjoy country music at its finest. Their owners enjoy Swoncerts and good ole country fun. Today, these horses are shown in speed events and owned by the most loyal fans of the Swon Brothers. Their original color was red and black with the Swon Brothers emblem on their rump but they can now be found in any color.
    Origin: Muskogee, Oklahoma (North America)
    Breed Type: Stock
    Birth Cap: Ph/Su/Ph/Eg
    Created By: Spring Meadows (Partnered with me on the breed)


    This Private Breed is a Japanese themed private breed. No other Information is known about the breed.
    Origin: Unknown
    Breed Type: Sport
    birth Cap: Unknown
    Created By: Fuji Fumiko (Partnered with me and several foals released by creator)

    Coming Soon

    Info Coming Soon! Partnered on another private breed just waiting on them to arrive!!

    Coming Soon

    Info Coming Soon! Just Ordered a New PB!!

    What Other Ranches are Affiliated with the Shamrock Ranch, Inc.?

  • Main Ranch
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Home to some of our eventers
  • Briar Ranch
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Home to our Private Breed the Espheni War Horse.
  • Mystic Falls Ranch
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Home to our Private Breed the Mystic Falls Quarter Horse, Eventers, and Event Training.
  • Swoncert Stables
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Home to our Private Breed the Swon Brothers Stock Horse.
  • Winter Wonderland Ranch
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Home to our Christmas Breeds. Also, home to our Christmas Private Breeds the Whimsical Winter Wonderers and the Silver Bell Sleigh Horses.
  • Scare Crow Ranch
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Home to our Halloween Breeds.
  • Shamrock's Color Ranch
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Home to Our Box-Dyed and Goodie Dyed Horses.
  • Crescent View Ranch
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Home to our Ocean Breeds and Misc. Foals.
  • Horse Shoe Falls Ranch
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Home to our Australian Breeds and Warmbloods.
  • Mossy Oak Fields
  • Home to our Colorado Ranger Horses, Ranchero Stock Horses, Banker Horses, and our Private Breed the Patriotic Pony.
  • Sodor Island Stables
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Home to Our Station Horses.
  • Itty Bitty Acres
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Home to our Pony Breeds and our Private Breed the Pretty Little Pony.
  • Rusty Bucket Ranch
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Home to our American Quarter Horses and Appendix Quarter Horses.
  • Thunder Valley Acres
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Home to our Feral Breeds.
  • Canterbury Kingdom
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Home to our Medieval War Horses and Draft Breeds.
  • Shamrock's Giveaway Ranch
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Home to our Giveaways and Donated Horses.
  • Shamrock's Stud Ranch
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Home to our Public Studs.
  • Shamrock's Broodmare Ranch
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Home to our Public Broodmares.
  • Shamrock's Misc. Private Lines Ranch
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Home to our Misc. Private Lines.
  • Moonshine Meadows
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Home to our Paints, Appaloosas, and American Indian Horses.
  • Rock Bottom Ranch
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Home to our Canadian Cutting Horses, Marsh Tackys, and our Private Breed the Tsubasa.
  • Thistleberry Acres
  • Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Home to our Descendent of Comanches, A Cowboys Legends, and Misc. Private Breed Foals
  • Shamrock's Sale Ranch
  • Home to our Foals and Horses that are FOR SALE.

    What Box-Dyed Does the Shamrock Ranch, Inc. Have? (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

    Our Colors

    What Custom Colors Does The Shamrock Ranch, Inc. Have?

  • Digital ACU Camouflage Draped w/ American Flag
  • Digital ACU Camouflage w/Prisoner of War Medal
  • Digital ACU Camouflage w/Combat Boots & Dog Tags
  • Real Tree Camouflage w/ Orange Mane & Tail
  • Red Nosed Clown
  • Nuclear Waste
  • Valyrian Steel
  • Frozen Blue w/ Olaf On Rump
  • Ol` Red with one Whiskey Eye
  • HoneyMilk Dunskin w/ Blue Eyes & a White Face
  • The Punisher
  • Cats
  • Rum Tum Tugger
  • Kirara
  • Diabolic Disaster
  • Kimahri Ronso
  • Bombalurina
  • Freedom Dont Come Free
  • Blood Shoulder Rose Roan
  • Inuyasha
  • White With Tears of Blood
  • Vincent Valentine
  • Ifrit
  • Kirin
  • Brilliant Black
  • Manchado Overo
  • Red Chocolate Roan
  • Trixter
  • Scaredy Cat
  • Beauty Queen Etna
  • Gambit
  • My Little Angel
  • Spoiled Brat
  • Buckskin Dun Near Leopard
  • Over Lord Laharl
  • Celestial Phoenix
  • Budman
  • Spotted Angel
  • Devils Nightmare
  • Christmas Red&Holiday Green w/Tinsel Mane&Tail
  • Pastel Pink & Purple Piebald w/ Tulips on Rump
  • Tyler Lockwood
  • Ian Somerhalder aka Damon Salvatore
  • Paul Wesley aka Stefan Salvatore
  • Joseph Morgan aka Niklaus Mikaelson
  • Candice Accola aka Caroline Forbes
  • Nina Dobrev aka Elena Gilbert
  • Katherine Pierce
  • Kat Graham aka Bonnie Bennett
  • Colton Swon
  • Zac Swon
  • Seth Costner
  • Riley Thomas
  • Joe Henderson
  • Cosmic Cobalt w/ Outer Space Mane & Tail
  • Blue Jeans w/ Denim Blue Mane & Tail
  • Green Lizard w/ Slimy Green Mane & Tail
  • Gargoyle Gas w/ Ogre Odor Mane & Tail
  • Purple Mountains Majesty w/Vivid Violet Mane&Tail
  • Winter Wizard w/ Magic Potion Mane & Tail
  • Princess Perfume w/ Pixie Powder Mane & Tail
  • Sunburnt Cyclops w/ Sasquatch Socks Mane & Tail
  • Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Percy the Small Engine
  • Elizabeth the Vintage Steam Lorry
  • My Hero Wears Dog Tags & Combat Boots
  • My Heart Belongs to an Army Soldier
  • My Husband My Hero My Soldier
  • The Army Has My Soldier But I Have His Heart
  • Im The Pink In His Camo World

  • Love is Trading Your Pearls for His Dog Tags
  • We Have An Army Kinda Love
  • Half My Heart is Deployed: U.S. Army Wife

  • Search Horses in this Ranch
    HORSES: NEXT 10 >>
    Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
    SN~ Rum Twist Standardbred Mare 7.8 racing (Regional) Not for Sale
    €* Polly Appendix Quarterhorse Mare 25.15 western (Planetary) Not for Sale
    unnamed Grade Show AAA Mare 8.8 driving (Regional) Not for Sale
    Winds Blood On Her Hands Arabian Mare 7.3 endurance (Regional) Not for Sale
    unnamed Spanish Thoroughbred Stallion 3.2 halter (Local) Not for Sale
    unnamed Clydesdale Mare 7.15 driving (Local) Not for Sale
    unnamed Grade Sport AAA Mare 7.7 western (Local) Not for Sale
    TR Forceful Domination Thoroughbred Stallion 6.8 sport (Local) Not for Sale
    unnamed Sea Horse Mare 1 (Local) Not for Sale
    C|L Nightmare Devil Walkaloosa Mare 9.15 gaited (Local) Not for Sale

    Net Worth: $1538115