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.:. About Our Ranches .:.

All horses bred, on one of the Mooreland Farms, Inc. ranches will proudly display the MFI (shield) brand. Our pure, non inbred eventing and breeding stock, will utilize the prefix Moorelands in front of their name. Our pure, inbred stock shall use the prefix MFI (Inbred) or Moorelands (Inbred) to their name, to denote their status as experimental horses. Also we have recently started to dabble lightly in impure stock and these will be using the Moorelands (IMPURE) prefix.

We take great pride in the quality and purity of our stock, so we buy from a few breeders on VHR. Each and every foal that is born, lives up to our motto; "Where the best, just got better!" We go above and beyond, to see that you get the most out of any foal bought from our sales ranch, offering if needed to event train or roll your new addition to your ranch. If you have any questions regarding our stock or services, you can message me at my Main Ranch.

.:. Private Breeds .:.
ThreadPraxian WarmbloodWarmbloodAm/Ph/F/FPrivate
ThreadSan FratelloFeralUnknownPrivate
ThreadDescendant of PrimusDraftPh/F/Eg/FPrivate
ThreadIacon Show HorseShowEx/Am/F/ExPrivate
NoneJunkion Feral HorseFeralUnknownPrivate
ThreadTransformer HorseStockF/F/F/ExPublic
NoneKaon Gaited HorseGaitedAm/S/F/ExPrivate
NoneThunderian War MountStockPh/Ex/Ex/ExPrivate
NoneVelocitronian SpeedsterSportUnknownPrivate
NoneMoorelands Holiday HorseShowUnknownPublic
NonePit PonyPonyUnknownPrivate
None Descendant of NauticalWarmbloodUnknownPrivate
None JackalopePonyUnknownPrivate
None Altihexian Sport HorseSportF/Vg/In/ExPrivate
NoneDescendant of the Supreme CommandersDraftPh/Ex/Eg/FPrivate
NoneVosian Stock HorseStockPh/S/Ph/EgPrivate
NoneSugar Rush RacerSportEg/Eg/F/InPrivate
NonePolyhexian War HorseShowAm/Ph/Vg/EgPrivate
NoneMiniature AppaloosaPonyG/Am/G/GPrivate
NoneArenosa American ShetlandPonyUnknownPrivate
NoneCybertronian Stock HorseStockPh/Ex/Ex/ExPublic

.:. Services .:.

Event Training: $2-5 mil
Event Training is offered occasionally to the public. All training inquiries must be done through my Main Ranch. Understand, I am in the Texas National Guard, so can be called to duty at a moments notice, so training might take extra time. Examples can be seen in my Training Club. All horses are trained/bred at one of two specialized ranches.

  • Show/Warmblood/Sport/Stock
  • Gaited/Pony/Feral/Draft

    I do have sale horses available on two different ranches. Please feel free to message me on the appropriate account about a particular horse, please include the horses link in your message as all of the horses are unnamed.

  • PURE Sales holds PURE, non inbred horses. Most of these are very close to foundations. To see a list of breeds check out my forums Sales List
  • The Flea Market Inbred or not pure.

    Broods & Studs
    I do have three stud/brood ranches open to the public. If a horse needs to be turned (or if you need more information about a particular horse) please send a message to my Main Ranch with the horse's link.

  • Proven Winners host everything that is PURE/Non Inbred with winnings above $5 million. There are some excellent proven producers.
  • Rolled Pure/Non Inbred Studs
  • Misc. Rolled Studs

    Information: Free!

    That's right information is free! Mooreland Farms, Inc. plays host to it's own Website. It currently has several training guides in it's forums section, with more self-help guides on the way. On occasion as time permits, I offer other services such as one-on-one Event Tutoring (How to Train & Event your horse). If you have any suggestions/questions please feel free to contact me at my Main Ranch.

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