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11/15/11 THIS PAGE NEEDS TO BE UPDATED REALLY BAD!!! IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, DONT TRUST THIS PAGE, ASK ME (lol) FOR MORE ART EXAMPLES, CHECK MY DEVIANT ART ACCOUNT! ( angry-horse-for-life ) I DO TAKE COMMISSIONS! My belovid Yoshi had to be put down 8/23/10. R.I.P. my beautiful doggie We have donated $10,903,000 to Members in need!!!


...I'd Rather Be Riding...

...The American Quarter Horse. Slippen... Sliden... and Gliden... Pure Power

Notes To Other Players

1) I have some NEW studs 2) I have NO Broods so stop asking! I dont brood out my mares 3) I have over 100 horses for sale that are BELOW reasonably priced so check them out! 4) My services are CLOSED! Thank you for reading!

Do's & Donts

Please Do
• Complement me
• Complement my horses
• Use my services
•Bid on my horses, even if they arent for sale

Please Don't
• Lie to me
• Cheat me ('Cause I will find out!)
• Say my horses are worth less than they are
• Say you dont like my horses because they arnt 'pretty'
• Say you dont like my horses

News & Updates

•06/18/2009- I broke a Birth Capp for first time, but used a breeder.
•05/09/2010- I am getting rid of my unpure horses
•05/15/2010-I have over 100 horses for sale, including all of my arabians and other breeds apart from TBs and AQHs!
•06/03/0=2010-I Graduated 8th Grade

Goals & Accomplishmints

#1• Get all of my stallions that arent for winning rolled to atleast 18 years old

#2• Sell all of my non-Tb, non-Moose, non-QH and non-Arabian horses OFF the ranch or up for sale

#3• Reach 100 mill

#4• Make a new and improved list







00/00/0000-Unaccomplished& lt;br>

My Friends

Freckles001* #518758AussieSpirit_36 #515364♥bucky♥ 180319DestinyApples&Carrots #479348Freinds NameFreinds NameFreinds Name

About Me

In real life I have an AMAZING Purebred Chestnut Polish Arabian Gelding named Hucks Tux (Prenounced: Hux-Tux)! Mail me if you want to see pictures of him. ~~ I REALLY dont like it when people ask me what my prices are, or if a service is open, because if they would just try to look them up, they would know. Therefore, they are lazy... and that isnt cool. I do not like to repeat myself, and I have to do it daily because of lazy people who cant click on a button to see my website and read a few words. website-> Go here for a slideshow of my horse, my friend seras horse, and of my horses stable mate... My horses name is Hucks Tux, Seras horses name is Honey Chex and Tuxys inmates name is Chester. Honey and Chester are both Quarter Horses, wheras mine is a Polish Arabian (when you get there press the arrow in the middle to start the slideshow)> here he he.. about #16.... he he. Its a stupid pic. ~~~~~ I promoted 8th grade 6/3/10 and got my hair cut (It was down to my tailbone before and now it is a little lower than shoulder length in back and shoulder length in front), layered, and I got bangs. Go here for a slideshow (when your there press the arrow in the middle to start the slideshow)> here

Other Ranchs

Main Ranch -Sponcer (This one)MESSAGE ME LINKS TO THE OTHERSranch name

About The Horses

At this ranch I breed American Quarter Horses (AQHs) and Thoroughbreds (Tbs). ~ We train our Tbs in Racing, Foxhunting and some other Sports, including Gym; and our AQHs get to enjoy Western, and sometimes have fun in Racing or Gym. Sometimes, our horses are trained in Polo, or even Eventing. We give our horses good care, and train them either by ourselves or with help from others.

About The Services

Go here for more info on my services...
Stat Maxxing Exapmles
Item 1Stat Maxxing
Item 2Stat Maxxing w/out Intell
Item 3Stat Maxxing
Item 4example title
Rolling Exapmles
Item 1Rolling to age 18
Item 2Rolled to 18
Item 3Rolled to 18
Item 4Rolled to 20
Event Training Exapmles
Item 1Event Training- Racing
Item 2Event Training- Bronco
Item 3Event Training- Driving
Item 4Event Training- Endurance
Pic Exapmles and Event Training
Item 1All of my Pic Examples are here
Item 2Event Training- 3-Day Eventing
Item 3Event Training- 3 Day Eventing
Item 4example title

Waiting List

Slot #1- Player name
Item #_-
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Item #_-
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About breeding

At this ranch, we breed with Bountiful Broods, Twice is Thrice better, and Better Breeder (so far). We produce fast TB and fast and strong AQH foals. The TB foals have to have a speed of 118+ to be event trained here, and if they arent than they are sold. But if they look somewhat promicing we will roll prep and roll them then breed them to try and get a good eventing foal. Our AQHs have a better break. If they come from good lines and seem to be promicing we will either event train or roll prep them desiarbly.


Here are some peoms written by me... ~~FIRST POEM~~Pallominos are kissed by sunlight, blacks are nights spawn. Greys are from the crahsing waves, and chestnuts are born of dawn. ~~SECOND POEM~~ A horses eye is filled with fire. Willy, strong, and wise.. They have intellagence in them, you can tell alot by a horses eyes. ~~THIRD POEM~~ Sunlight kisses the morning dew, everything looks so fresh, so new. Galloping hoves come along, moving in rythem to a birds song. He carries his head high with pride, and seems to take it all in stride. ~~FOURTH POEM~~ Dark as night the grullo mustang runs, faster than they greys and duns. His mane whipping at the sky, with his proud tail like a banner held high. Now his hoves beet faster against the soft earth, his wild eyes like a fire burning deep in a hearth. ~~The next ones are about horse sports.~~ ~~Barrel Racing~~ Run, turn, run, turn, run, turn, run! Burning barrels is so much fun! ~~Jumping (riders point of view)~~ Jumping high, your soaring through the sky! Just dont slip, or your in for a trip! ~~Racing (riders point of view)~~ Running a horse at its top game, finnish first and be ready for fame! ~~Dressage (riders point of view)~~ Dancing a horse is real nice, some dont even dare to think twice!

Wish List

1) A winning, above BC, or Foundie TB Mare 2) A winning, above BC, or Foundie TB Stallion 3) A winning, above BC, or Foundie AQH Mare 4) A winning, above BC, or Foundie AQH Stallion 5) Money.. so just buy my horses m'kay?!


.Name. .Breed. .Points. .Fee.
name breed points fee
name breed points fee
name breed points fee

Colors Ive Made

.Color. .Year Made. .How Manny Of Color Before Sale (if sold). .How Manny Of Color TOTAL / Fee.
red moon w/black mane and tail & white fire eyes 2008 4 4 / 4 sold to /3R0N!C@
Palomino Bay 2008 4 4 / 4 sold to /3R0N!C@


.Name. .Breed. .Points. .Fee.
name breed points fee
name breed points fee
name breed points fee

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(includes info on my animals, and more!)-

NOTE: The links above (news, services, etc.) will send you to my website! ALSO: I am selling almost all of my horses! We maxx,roll,etc. (training closed)! We breed Tbs and AWH.I LOVE TWILIGHT!GO TEAM SWITZ! Photobucket If your wondering where all of my non-Arabian and non-Thoroughbred stallions went, they were transfered to three other ranches that I own. I made those ranches for the reason that I REALLY dont want to get ri of them... Scroll down for the links...
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The people that work for me

**CanterQueen#2** (#412445) -Coloring Lineart- She is Afordable and kind! I recomend her highly! ..... Shmannon1220 -Coloring Lineart- She is really detailed and I'd say she is worth the cost! ..... -Stat Maxxer ..... -Stat Maxer ..... -Roller DMesserChick -Roller ..... -Event Trainer ..... -Event Trainer .....

Thank you Zine (#147325) for your generous purchase of 30 horses! We appriciate it a lot!

Thank you -Dreamer- (#456844) for your kind purchase of 8 horses!

Thank you Ambergirl (#470217) for your interesting purchase of 5 horses totaling at almost 832k!

Thank you Baltazars Princess (#193355) for your OUTSTANDING purchase of 60 horses!! Our current record for the most purchases from a single person!

Thank you horse lover (#249998) for your beautiful purchase of 39 horses!!

Thank you Fantasized (#412541) for your HUGE help on preping 30+ of our horses! We appritiate it immencly!

Thank you Jessie Santanglo (#25623) for your large purchase of 7 horses, totaling in a big profit of $2,420,000 to my ranch! It was much appriciated. ^^

Thank you Jen garber (#503858) for your helpful purchase of 12 horses, totaling in a big profit of $2,045,000 to my ranch! It was much appriciated. ^^

Art : (C) ME! DO NOT STEAL! Visit me on DeviantArt if you wish to commission me! My name is angry-horse-for-life
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Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
Otta Be The Rockin Kind American Quarterhorse Stallion 33 western (Local) For Stud 25000
Rockin Mystery American Quarterhorse Stallion 7.95 western (Local) For Stud 25000
BM! Prayers Unanswered American Quarterhorse Stallion 6.95 western (Local) For Stud 25000
Heavenly Dreamz American Quarterhorse Stallion 33 western (Local) For Stud 0
OSM Unmarked Limits American Quarterhorse Stallion 11 western (Local) For Stud 25000
Freeing The Sparrows American Quarterhorse Stallion 8.35 western (Local) For Stud 25000
Dominado Thoroughbred Stallion 10.45 jumping (Local) For Stud 25000
Hopalong Cassidy ~Topper~ American Quarterhorse Stallion 16.2 western (Regional) For Stud 25000
Lumberjack Thoroughbred Stallion 7.85 racing (Provincial) For Stud 25000
Blackend Rum American Quarterhorse Stallion 23 western (Local) For Stud 25000

Net Worth: $142560698