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Currently taking in any horses that are unwanted for my latest project. Can be any breed or gender. Please message me links!

width="133" height="133"> About RJR
Welcome to Rocking J Ranch, founded September 2004. Home to multi-million dollar earning Paints, AQH, ApQH, and Grade Stocks. Our goal is to breed some of the best and high earning western stock horses. So far we are meeting this goal nicely. We have a great deal of champion horses already including 20 mil earners. We make sure all our horses have some of the best barrel racing lines that can be found on VHR. So please take a look around and message me if you have any questions.

Western Event Training
CURRENTLY CLOSED- Do not message me asking for it.

This western event training includes training of your horse (stat maxing, leveling, and tweaking for events), shoes, vaccination, a full set of tack, a western rider, and eventing (in barrels and western pleasure) until the age of 18. You keep all the earnings the horse makes. This may take up to a month or more to fully complete your horse so please be patient. Some rules apply. Price: 20 mil

Stat Maxing
Stat maxing includes red lettering movement, surefoot, and endurance as well as raising up intelligence, speed, and strength to 200. I will also vaccinate the horse if it has already not been. Price: 150k without meths, 200k with meths. Using meth each turn will allow me to finish your horse at a younger age.

RJR Made Colors
Black with Red Flaming Points
Dancing Nanner
Lightning McQueen
Honey Bun Dun
Green Apple Dapple
Red White & Blue Roan
Black Death
Dappled Buckskin
Sweet Sixteen Thanks Hogya, Paperwings, Zita, and Desert
Ding Dong
Iron Man
Pigeon Poop Pinto
Slate Grulla Sabino

RJR Featured Horses
Some of the best stock horses reside here at Rocking J Ranch. On your left is a list of the current featured horses. Every horse that appears on this list RJR owns. Usually there is something unique about the horse such as high earnings, a rare color, or high stats. So take a peek and be sure to check back for updates!

October 2, 2008 - I am starting a 50k stud ranch. So far I have a few studs rolled. Hopefully I can get a good amount quickley.
September 29, 2008 - Wow I havn't updated this in a long time. I have been experimenting with random breeds in different things. No amazing updates as of yet.
November 5, 2007- I am starting to work with Plagued Pegasus. I am planning on eventing them in barrels as well as pleasure once they get up to snuff.
October 31, 2007- I am happy to announce that I was the first to answer a trivia question at the Halloween Party and got the first pair of Spooky Shetlands to be given away!
October 15, 2007- What? Brood has unstatmaxed horses? o.O Thats right! I indeed do, but for a reason that you are not thinking...As a side project I have decided to take up Conformation American Quarterhorses! If I am sucessful in this, I may also include other breeds such as Paints. Which means im on the market looking for conformation horses for sale, stud, or brood. Please do message me if you have any. Thanks
September 21, 2007- I am starting to slowly get back into the VHR groove after being busy and away for bit but hopefully I'll be full time VHR again. Sorry for the training wait for anyone I'm training for! :D
June 11, 2007- Won CFR's 11th Annual Goodie Giveaway and got a foundation pair of Awesome Equinerds.
June 10, 2007- Got this great new layout from Shade.

Please do NOT use RJR as your ranch or name brand. It is reserved for this ranch only. If you are not sure if I bred a horse with the ranch brand RJR then please feel free to ask. Thanks

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Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
Blue Splashed Metallic Chance Mustang Mare 10.95 western (Local) Not for Sale
unnamed Shetland Pony Mare 1 (Local) Not for Sale
Shy Spirited Voodoo Arabian Stallion 9.9 halter (Local) Not for Sale
.B. Bubbles Shetland Pony Mare 23.15 halter (Local) Not for Sale
Poopy Foal 1 Grade Gaited C Mare 7.55 gaited (Local) Not for Sale
Wild n Metallic Black Mustang Mare 12.3 western (Local) Not for Sale

Net Worth: $32450162