Quarter Horse Haven
Owned by junkmailo
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Last on: 2014-05-24 15:04:42
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Pwning Ponies
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Wholesome Warmbloods
Grace and Glory
Fit and Fearless
Rustic and Relentless
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Rolling Rodeo

Welcome to my ranch! This is my only ranch on VHR. Here at Quarter Horse Heaven I specialize in western training, and breeding, but it doesn't stop there. I also offer trainings in many other disciplines.



Statmaxxing- $80,000 ($100,000 with meths and tranqs)
Roll Preepping- $80,000
Rolling- $1,000,000

Event Training

$2 mil $1 mil

Show Jumping
Will be trained until around 7 yrs old.
$4 mil $1 mil



It's been A while since I've been in VHR so I only have one example.


Under Construction...

Under Construction...
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Search Horses in this Ranch
Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
(G1) WWQ Love Me Wild American Quarterhorse Stallion 11 western (National) For Stud 100000
~QHH~ Demanding Gentleman Grade Pony AAA Stallion 9.35 western (Regional) For Stud 50000
~QHH~ Heat Me Wild American Quarterhorse Stallion 33 halter (Local) For Stud 100000
~QHH~ Saturday Nights Royalty American Quarterhorse Stallion 9 western (National) For Stud 50000
unnamed Grade Pony AAA Mare 7 western (Local) Not for Sale
unnamed Grade Warmblood AAA Mare 2 halter (Local) Not for Sale
unnamed Grade Warmblood AAA Mare 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale
«ℛℛ» Jagger Garvan Appendix Quarterhorse Stallion 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale
.:APQH:. Dory Appendix Quarterhorse Mare 18 halter (Local) Not for Sale
unnamed Mustang Mare 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale

Net Worth: $78714509