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Hello there, welcome to my sponsor breeding ranch and current main ranch and center of operation! I’m Zimrah, or Zimmy, or just Zim (haha!) of various stables with names related to ’no name‘. My first layouts would have talked about how I wasn’t really a long time member of the site, because I started in 2008, meaning most players had several years on me! But I guess out of people left playing I’m pretty OG at this point. After more than a decade I think maybe it’s okay to say I’ve been around for a while. I’ve taken some breaks of course, but not as many or for as long as you might think, and I like to think I still know my way around the game if you have any questions to shoot my way..


My event training is open relatively often and is the most commonly offered public service. I’m currently open for a few training slots at a time. There’s nothing I won’t train in and there are no breeds that I will refuse to train (though I will try to talk you out of hiring me to train for dressage and also might warn you if I think a breed will not do well in a specific event). For examples of my training, the easiest thing to do is check out my ranch for retired winners and my two ranches for current eventers. Generally speaking, if they have my Zimmi-fied banner on them, they were trained by me. You can check out links to the ranches below!

I charge between 500k and 1 mill per horse for event training.

I haven’t had anyone ask about this in a very long time, but I am open to breeding foals for novice players that are short on turns to do it themselves. I’m not too fussy about price here, I will let the foal be born here for $500, just to get novices used to the game working on back and forth deals between players.
For birthing only, send me the mare for free and I will turn her until she foals then I will send you the foal’s link and you will bid $500 on the foal. I will then send back mom and accept the bid on the foal. Easy peasy!
For breeding and birthing you will need to send the mare and the stud if they both belong to you, or the mare with a link to the public stud you want to use. I will still breed for free, but you will need to send the mare’s contract with enough money to cover the public stud fee! Then the birthing process will be exactly the same as birthing only.
Please note! While I am easy-going about the price for this service, I am kind of picky about the horses I breed since the foals will carry my ranch brand! I will not breed horses together that are well under birthcap and will not produce a decent quality foal for you. If you have any questions about this or don’t understand please do contact me! I am happy to answer any questions and try to help steer you in the right direction.

I haven’t decided what it makes the most sense to charge here because I’m not sure if anyone will be interested anymore in this kind of service. That said, if you want shoes or tack put on your horse, or if you need a horse cured or vaccinated, let me know and we will come up with a cheap fee for it. I probably won’t be making items to toss on the marketplace and this will be mostly for items going directly onto the horse leased to me.

This is going to be open very very rarely for the public. In fact, most of the time I am looking for other people to do these services FOR ME. Please message me with examples and prices if you’re looking to make some money doing prep, roll, prep AND roll, slimming or bulking for me. I’ll pay relatively high prices (especially for slimming and bulking) but please be fair, paying more per horse than I charge for my event training is getting to be too much, especially for prep and roll without slimming and bulking.

Terms of Service

  • Message me before sending horses for breeding services or farrier and tack services so that I know what’s going on and so that you know I’m not actually away from the computer.
  • Please have patience, give me at least 3 days to get to a horse for event training unless we’ve previously discussed there being a rush on one. After 3 days feel free to message me a friendly reminder. Please only cancel a contract if you let me know first that you are going to do so, it’s fine to change your mind about training, just please let me know.
  • Please note that no horses should be sent to this ranch for event training, I have two training ranches for that (split up depending on breed type)

    For event training Warmblood, Sport, Gaited, and Pony types will go to ranch 508608 (Zimz Evil Twin). Draft, Show, Stock, and Feral types will go to ranch 490751 (ZimEventTrainer).
  • I try my best with absolutely every horse that I train, but I can’t promise a winner. Not only are there a lot of unknown factors, but the horse’s success in events has almost as much to do with the eventing as it does with the original training. If you want eventing notes just ask, I will try to help you out.
  • Don’t remove your horse from my training club!!!
  • I don’t tack your horse during event training, please don’t forget to tack your horse!
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    ~AC True Art Irish Sport Horse Mare 6.1 halter (Local) Not for Sale
    ~AC Aris Plexus Grade Gaited AAA Stallion 22 halter (Local) Not for Sale
    Black Oni Hokkaido Stallion 5.5 halter (Local) Not for Sale
    ~AC JustShane Mustang Stallion 6.15 halter (Local) Not for Sale
    ~ACp~ Cowboys Pal American Quarterhorse Stallion 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale
    ~AC Buck N Buck Grade Feral AAA Stallion 6.05 halter (Local) Not for Sale
    unnamed Ornamental Show Horse Mare 3.75 halter (Local) Not for Sale
    unnamed Calabrese Mare 18.5 halter (Local) Not for Sale
    unnamed Port Nassau Pirate Steed Stallion 7.35 halter (Local) Not for Sale
    unnamed Port Nassau Pirate Steed Stallion 7.2 halter (Local) Not for Sale

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