Musical Arabians Stables
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Last on: 2006-07-18 14:31:41

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ALL horses on this ranch are ready for a new home, so you can bid on any! Highest bids will get the horse! Please though, make your bids at least 5000!

.My Place.
Welcome to my sales barn! If i have any horses for sale, they will come here!

Like i said ! This is the sales barn! If you want any of my horses please bid a reasonable amount on them! I can do layouts or personal pics, but msg me at PSRA, not here! You can check my contacts list on the other box!

There are lots of shagya mares that i am gettng rid of, so please buy one if you want

However, i am NOT getting rid of ANY of my stallions!

*Contact Me*
You can msg me about anything here at Musical Arabians Stables or visit my main stable Pride Stables Riding Academy! *note* that i DO NOT give money! I just had a complete IDIOT msg me and say "sure, i'd like 10000000$" uh no! dont think so! you want it, GET IT FROM SOMEONE ELSE! See you on VHR!

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Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
*Trincada Cinnamon Sprinkles Arabian Mare 3.95 jumping (Local) Not for Sale
M.A. Oceana Shagya Arabian Mare 1.1 (Local) Not for Sale
*Trincada Fire Halo Shagya Arabian Mare 3.3 jumping (Local) Not for Sale
*Trincada Sun Queen Shagya Arabian Mare 3.35 jumping (Local) Not for Sale
unnamed Shagya Arabian Mare 0.5 (Local) Not for Sale
ramana Shagya Arabian Mare 3.2 (Local) Not for Sale
*Trincada Sonador Shagya Arabian Mare 6.7 jumping (Local) Not for Sale
*Trincada Moroccan Flame Shagya Arabian Mare 3.3 jumping (Local) Not for Sale

Net Worth: $112725