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.about my ranch?.

I compete my appaloosas in western events. Now selling fillies!! I provide a few great fully trained and maxed studs. Do you want a filly from a certain mare and stud? Let me know which mare and which stud, and we'll work out a deal. Since I'm having some one else compete my horses you'll have to message me if your interested in using one of my studs.

other services

I'm now doing layouts. Prices vary on what you want done. I will work with you as to what you can pay. other wise it varies on layout. Message me and we'll work something out.
So far I've only got a few example. 50k 150k
Please note that i will NOT be taking a layouts from galloping glory and modifying it to sell to you!!! I will make it from scratch for you!
Layout services currently closed due too living situations.

the prices

The prices are not necessarily firm. So message me and I’ll take a look at your ranch and what your doing and I’ll consider giving you a lower price for both the fillies for sale and the studs.

my ranches

Check out my paint |ranch| when your done here!

mi amistade (my friends)

Megan. She has a better selection of studs, and broods. Plus she is a sponsor that does a great job training.

a smidge about me?

I play on here while multitasking. I like mountain biking (my problem is it's a ride just to the to the trails). I'm starting to white water river kayak, and I work at the Church video editing (the funny thing is that it doesn't usually pay, except for what rewards the Lord is storing in heaven for me)


Thanks for visiting. Let me know if you have any questions.

this layout

This layout came from galloping glory. Then i modified it. It originally came from Dreaming Western. Then i modified it some. I have gotten permission from Galloping Glory to do this.
Layout designed by

^Galloping Glory Layouts^
^I've modified it see text area for details!^

.Name. .Breed. .earnings. .Fee. .W/P/S.
~Wild_Thing~ Appaloosa 704,839 50,000 1/0/5
~Sweet_Washinton~ Appaloosa 1,349,872 70,000 1/2/3
No more:(

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Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
~Wild_thing~ Appaloosa Stallion 9.35 western (Local) Not for Sale
SD Hot Lady Appaloosa Mare 14.05 western (Local) Not for Sale
~The_Competitor~ Appaloosa Stallion 10.05 western (Local) Not for Sale
SD Journey to Kentucky Appaloosa Mare 14.6 western (Local) Not for Sale
~Traveling_Competition~ Appaloosa Stallion 9.85 western (Local) Not for Sale
~Sweet_Washington~ Appaloosa Stallion 12.7 western (Local) Not for Sale

Net Worth: $9000260