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Here training is the focus. Best at western training where many of my horses are starting to become winners in western events, but still able to train other disciplines as well. This ranch is attached directly to Spotted Dreams where the training operation started. We have three different brands on our horses. Highlands is the brand for all of our paints, SD is the brand for all of our Appaloosas, and FTS is the brand for all of our American Quarter Horses, Quarabs, and American Warmbloods. All of these ranch brands are taken from farms I have associated with in the past (RL), each specializing in the breeds connected above. All horses bred with these above brands are born in one of the SD all bare the SD logo. I specialize in American Quarter Horses, Paint horse and Appaloosa breeding and Warmbloods. SD has just started its own line of pure Quarter horses. Look for them in the show rings, as they are starting to compete and are winning millions in the process. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to message me. Thank you for stopping by.

In real life I own two appaloosas, one mare and one gelding. Both are wonderful creatures and fantastic western eventers. My gelding excels at other events as well including hunter under saddle, hunter over fences, reinsmanship, western riding class, and trail. He is an all around amazing horse.
Now for the horses of VHR. I have many different breeds, but as was mentioned above I focus on American Quarter horses, Appaloosas, Paints and Warmbloods. I have now successfully trained and evented a many western multi-million dollar earning horses. Some of them are listed in the champions below.


Made by Spotted Dreams:

Dun Splashed White Tobiano * Puss In Boots * Blueberry Wine * Here * There * Grulla Splash White Overo * Midnight * Bay Roan Blanket W/ Spots * Red Roan with White Blaze and Right Hind Sock * Cougar * Geico * Buttermilk Buckskin Tobiano * Platinum w/ Snowflake Blanket * Buttermilk Buckskin w/ Heart Shaped Spots * Captian Sao Feng * Iridescent with Pearl Blanket * Narnian Lullaby * Smoke Signals * Hidalgo * Pearlescent w/ Diamond Spots and Starry Eyes * Grulla w/ Diamond Spots and Starry Eyes * Jet Black w/ Blue Sheen * Fallen Heroes * Dun Splashed White Tobiano * Gone With The Wind * Armed Forces * Day of Infamy * M*A*S*H * Iwo Jima * Desert Storm * Tear Stained Sorrow * Silver Bay Dun * WWII Memorial * Snow Crystal * Sorrel Tobiano * Milk Chocolate Bay * Red Roan Overo Sabino * Waterboy * Bald Faced Flaxen Sooty Sable Dun * Teague Sparrow

Made by others:

Blood Red & White Overo W/Coal Black Eyes * The Curse * Heavenly White w/ Blackened Halo * Red White & Blue Roan * Fox * Silver Dapple Tobiano * Dappled cinnamon w/ white frosted eyes * Orange Dun * Bay w/4 White Socks, A Blaze,Black Mane And Tail * Perlino Roan * Glitz n Glamour * NCIS * Black Tied Velvet * Bay Indian * Dead Mans Chest * Shadow Spirit w/ red wolf paw prints on hips * Masked Beauty * Zorro * American Soldier * Reverse Buckskin * Lightning McQueen * Mater * Pale Peridot Palomino w/ Diamond Eyes * Black Mountain Top w/ 2 Glass Eyes * Ghostly spirit with soulful eyes * Pure White w/Blue Eyes And A Grey Heart On Chest * Creamy Pancake w/ Spiral Shaped Sugar Markings * MoonDusted Black * Delirium * Death by Black Venom * Snowing Rainbow Twist * Pearl Harbour * Apple Cinnamon Roan * Midnight Black w/ Silver Dapples * Burgundy Bay with Chrome * Cursed Diamond * Livestrong * American Cowboy * Jewel Encrusted Peacock * Toxic Black Mamba * Cowgirl Sky * Sliver of Hope * Whiskey * Western Pride * Tragedy * Amber Mist w/ Golden eyes

Made by others, Spotted Dreams now owns the rights to:

2006 New Years Eve * Band of Brothers * Highlighter * Appetite for Destruction * Seek and Destroy * Some Kind of Monster

FTS Foundation Gentleman AQHBlueberry WineVg/F/Vg/FPrivate sale
FTS Patriot Of The Ages AQHSooty Silver BuckskinEg/E/Vg/APrivate sale
FTS Shadowed Justice AQHMidnightS/E/S/APrivate sale
CCR Identified Brilliance AQHNutmeg Bay SabinoS/A/S/A$2,000,000
Justice Falling SS AQHAlbinoS/F/S/A$3,000,000
SD Bettin On This Contender AppaloosaPearlescent w/ Diamond Spots and Starry Eyes Ex/Ex/Ex/APrivate Sale
SD Creamy Pancake Prince AppaloosaCreamy Pancake w/ Spiral Shaped Sugar MarkingsF/Ex/Ex/ExPrivate CFG
SD Ima Mcloud AppaloosaPearlescent w/ Diamond Spots and Starry Eyes Ex/Ex/Ex/ExPrivate Sale
SD Rivendells Contender AppaloosaGrulla w/ Diamond Spots and Starry Eyes Ex/Ex/Ex/ExPrivate Sale
SD Snowflakes Falling From a Heavenly Sky AppaloosaPlatinum W/ Snowflake BlanketEx/Ex/Ex/ExPrivate Sale
I Will Drink You Under The Table AppaloosaSorrelF/Ex/Ex/Ex$300,000
Brave Sacrifice AppaloosaBlack PintoEx/Ex/Ex/Ex$350,000
Forbiddenly GothicAppaloosaSorrelEx/Ex/Ex/Ex$350,000
HHR Traveling Jack CashAppaloosaLiver BayEx/Ex/Ex/Ex$350,000
SD Smokey SkiesAppaloosaSmokeyEx/Ex/Ex/Ex$350,000
The Contender AppaloosaChestnutEx/Ex/Ex/Ex$350,000
SD Believe Me Im Wild AppaloosaBayEx/Ex/Ex/A$400,000
SD Iridesent SacrificeAppaloosaChestnutEx/Ex/Ex/A$400,000
SD Sacrifice to the Dead AppaloosaLeopard RoanF/Ex/Ex/Ex$400,000
SD Tragic ContenderAppaloosaNebulaEx/Ex/Ex/Ex$450,000
SD Prince Plaudit AppaloosaNebulaEx/Ex/A/Ex$650,000
SD Snowflakes During a Dark Night AppaloosaRaven Black W/ Snowflake MarkingsEx/F/Ex/Ex$675,000
FTS Patriotic War Hero Man O WarDunA/Ex/S/In$50,000
Patriotic Native Man O WarCopperA/Ex/S/In$500,000
Highlands Golden Spirit PaintPalominoEx/Ex/F/A$300,000
Highlands Urban Sandman PaintBlack RoanEx/Ex/F/A$300,000
¤¢{- PaintPalominoEx/F/Ex/A$350,000
Wish The Nightmare Was Over PaintPaisleyEx/Ex/Ex/A$400,000
Highlands Grey SpiritPaintGreyEx/Ex/Ex/A$500,000
Highlands Falling For The Night Mare PaintSmokeEx/Ex/Ex/A$650,000
Highlands Falling For Eternity PaintLivestrongEx/F/F/A$3,000,000
Highlands Golden Connexion PaintPalominoA/Ex/F/APrivate Sale
Highlands Last Wish PaintBay SpangledEx/F/Ex/APrivate Sale
Highlands Bar Pride PaintBlack Splashed WhiteEx/Ex/F/APrivate Sale


Horse na0.1BlackEx/Ex/Ex/In$0,000

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FTS Afraid of a Broken Heart
over 39 million in Western and retired. Trained and Evented by SD.

FTS Divine Lies
over 40 million in Western events and retired. Trained and Evented by SD.

FTS Sparkling In The Shadows
over 51 million in Western event winnings. Now retired. Trained and Evented by SD

FTS Heavenly Justice of Time
over 58 million in Western events and still competing. Trained and evented by SD.

FTS Divine Justice
over 56 million in Western events. Bred, trained, and evented by SD.

FTS Kisses Falling From the Heavens
over 37 million in Western events. Retired and sold.

FTS Wife of a Western Patriot
over 71 million in Western events, and still going. Trained and evented by SD.

FTS Divine Cowgirl
over 72 million in Western events, now retired. Trained and evented by SD.

CCR Docs Surprising Time
over 70 million in Western events,Trained for contest held by fuangel29. Trained and evented by SD.

FTS Shadowed Justice
over 44 million in Western events. Bred, Trained, and evented by SD

FTS Wind In Your Sails
over 32 million in Barrel events. Bred, Trained, and Evented by Spotted Dreams. To be shown in Pleasure at a later date.

FTS Heavenly Symbol
Over 30 million in Barrel winnings. Bred, trained, and evented by SD.

FTS Grand Man
over 22 million in Western events, one of the first FTS pure line AQHs to enter the show ring. Bred, trained and evented by SD.

FTS Heroic Wolf
over 13 million in Western event winnings. Another one of the first FTS pure AQHs to enter the ring. A lot of winnings to come. Bred, Trained and Evented by SD.

Justice Falling SS
over 31 million in Western events, will be shown more at a later date. Trained and evented by SD.

(DF) The Gunfighter
over 8 million in Western events. Trained by SD for Mute.

FTS Mistaken Identity
almost 6 million in Western events. Bred, Trained, and evented by SD

MP* Star Addiction
Over 27 million in winnings and still going strong. Trained and Evented by SD for contest by ehehee.

by racing star, player #45315.
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Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
unnamed Appendix Quarterhorse Stallion 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale
.bd. Destruction Welsh Cob Mare 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale
unnamed Seglawi Egyptian Mare 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale
FTS American Lies American Quarterhorse Mare 15.4 western (Regional) Not for Sale
FTS Pure Beauty American Quarterhorse Mare 11.35 western (Local) Not for Sale
FTS Summer Intern American Quarterhorse Mare 15.4 western (Regional) Not for Sale
FTS Girly Girl American Quarterhorse Mare 9.5 western (Local) Not for Sale
FTS Dreamer of the Ages American Quarterhorse Mare 10.05 western (Local) Not for Sale
|RMR| Silver Dawn Arabian Mare 0.3 (Local) Not for Sale
FTS Iza Cool Kid American Quarterhorse Mare 9.65 western (Local) Not for Sale

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