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About Us

Welcome to Riverview Stables.
This is the main training branch of Riverview Stables. Riverview focuses mainly on Saddlebreds, in addition to original private breeds. Saddlebreds have been a project of mine since I started here on VHR and I have taken them from horrible stats to quad extro. Look carefully at many Saddlebred bloodlines and you'll probably find an RV horse or two.

Unfortunately, I DO NOT train for the public. Please don't message me about it.

Riverview's Original Private Breeds
American Saddle Horses (Gaited, Semi-Realistic)
Dutch Harness Horses (Gaited, Real Breed)
Park Arabians (Show, Semi-Realistic)
Yorkshire Coach Horses (Show, Real Breed)
Empyreal Winged Horse (Show, Fantasy Breed)
Harlequin Horse (Gaited, Semi-Realistic)
Horse of the Barricades (Show, Semi-Realistic)

Looking for the perfect stud? Take a look at our Stud branches. Many mares are also available for brood to approved leasers.

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Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
[Τροία] Peisis Horse of Ilion Mare 8.95 racing (Provincial) Not for Sale
unnamed French Saddle Pony Stallion 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale
unnamed Horse of the Barricades Mare 7.05 driving (Regional) Not for Sale
RV Sunrise Serenade Harlequin Horse Mare 9.5 gaited (Local) Not for Sale
[ABC] Euphrasie Horse of the Barricades Mare 10.1 driving (Local) Not for Sale
[Τροία] Briseis Horse of Ilion Mare 8.9 racing (Provincial) Not for Sale
unnamed Park Arabian Mare 7 gaited (Local) Not for Sale
unnamed Dutch Harness Horse Mare 9.35 dressage (Local) Not for Sale
unnamed American Saddle Horse Mare 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale
RV William Howe American Saddle Horse Stallion 7.05 gaited (Local) Not for Sale

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