Impasse Stallion
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The Stallion Branch of Impasse Stables

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Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
Beta Pleated Grade Stock AAA Stallion 22.65 halter (Local) For Stud 200000
[AM] Midnight Prince Medieval Warhorse Stallion 22 halter (Local) For Stud 200000
.:RTB:. Stormy Surprise Unicorn of Huang Di Stallion 22.5 halter (Local) For Stud 150000
{MC} Ending All Happiness Swedish Warmblood Stallion 22 dressage (Local) For Stud 150000
MA Confetti Luck Florida Cracker Stallion 7.35 halter (Local) For Stud 45000
MA Hannibal the Cannibal Centaur Stallion 8 endurance (Local) For Stud 70000
[U] Black Suede Thoroughbred Stallion 22.35 halter (Local) For Stud 75000
I Is A Saint Thoroughbred Stallion 22.75 racing (Provincial) For Stud 150000
unnamed Arabian Stallion 20.5 halter (Local) For Stud 75000
i¤S Mercury Fire Colorado Ranger Horse Stallion 22.05 halter (National) For Stud 150000

Net Worth: $156866325