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Duke Ranch


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Why hello there. Oh no, please don’t be afraid, come closer. I see you’ve managed to find my little hideout. I suppose proper introductions are in order huh? Well I am Megan and this, this is Duke Ranch. What?! You haven’t heard of me? Oh no, this won’t do oh no… I suppose I shall have to educate you on the history of this place. < br> Duke Ranch was established sometime in the year 2004. I would LIKE to say sometime around March, but I really have no idea. I threw myself headfirst into the world of VHR without having an idea of what I was really doing. A helpful player by the name of Amyzan really got me rolling and started me up with my own breeding pair of Arabians, ? Barakah al Din ? & Amyzan Tinkerbell. As you can imagine I soon found myself submersed in a world of Arabs. I spent time breeding & selling what I thought were quality Arabians. Well some were and some weren’t, but I’ll never forget the start Amyzan gave me or the exceptional Arabs she gave me. I went on many hiatuses throughout that time as well until a few years ago I really settled my roots into VHR & started expanding my horizons. Duke Ranch has seen everything from big ‘ole Drafties to tiny little ponies. The years brought tons of changes to this ranch and plenty of different scenery. Then we wind down the years to now; a second ranch for all the “off” breeds and this place for Stock and Sporties. As you can tell I stay fairly busy. Hey when you can’t keep focused on one thing for long ya gotta.
ANYWAYS, have a look around & don’t be afraid to send a message my way if something is tickling you. I do ask that you do not send spam solicits (horse sale ads, halp me I can needz moniez).

The Horses

Lippitt Morgan (est. 2010) | American Bucksin (est. 2010) | Black River Orlovs (pur. 2011) | Lithuanian Heavy Draught (est. 2012) | Peruvian Pinto Paso (est. 2012) | Calvados Equus (est. 2013) | Hessian Heavy Horse (est. 2013)
If you wander around this ranch long enough you’ll figure out that I breed anything, training anything, & event anything. This section used to be a lot bigger. It also used to explain a lot more about the different breeds. These days though? I have too many different horses it’s not even worth mentioning. Is there anything special about my stock? It depends on what you’re looking at. I don’t really discriminate on what I purchase or what I train & breed. Basically this all sums up to – you can find anything here. Do I breed JUST pures? No, but I’ve got ‘em (I’m not real big into them – never saw the point). Do I have ONLY money lined horses? Nupe, but I’ve got ‘em & love ‘em. Do I have JUST impures? Mainly – some of my best horses aren’t pure. Really you can find anything if you search hard enough.


I do work?! OMG!
Event Training: $3M {1M for ABC}
3DE [x][x][x]
Bronco [x][x]
Driving (All) [Fine Harness][Roadster][Pulling/Dressage/Marathon]
Endurance [x][x][x]
Halter Showmanship [x][x][x]
Jumping (Show, Inhand, HoF) [HoF][Inhand][Show]
Racing (All, No Track) [Harness][Sprint][Steeple]
Sport (All) [XCountry][FH][HP]
Western (All) [Barrels][Keyhole][Penning][Pleasure][Reining][Trail]

Top earners


  • Feb. 12th 2012: Placed 5th in Rhapsody In Blue - HoF Train Off with IÐM Dark Creator (34606 C.S.), Claiborne Farms
  • Aug. 25th 2011: Placed 2nd in American Indian War Horse Train-off with ~RA~ Arapaho (78M+), Duke Ranch
  • July 29th 2011: Placed 2nd in Ava's Outer Space Thoroughbred Trainoff with WHR Dance of the Mayflies {SPACE} .ia. (84006 C.S.), Duke Ranch
  • Dec. 24th 2010: Placed 5th in Arctic Challenge/Multi-horse Train-off> with WHR Acerbus .ice. (24M+) and WHR Kenro-Ji-Jin .fa. (1.9M+), Claiborne Farms
  • July 31st 2010: Placed 5th in Fourth Annual Champion Thoroughbred with [Pm] Delano (20M+), Duke Ranch
    Train-offs before this last one were never recorded & are lost to time.
    Dukes Black Widow $54,710,000
    Horse name $0
    Horse name $0
    TLR Hyper Trick $33,177,750
    [DUR] Audacity $51,711,250
    BsI Lethal Chronicle $70,623,750
    #1 Flame $20,847,500
    Dukes Love Drunk $30,467,500
    [GB?] Too Hot to Handle $25,497,500
    Dukes Falco $32,662,500
    SDF Little Secret $13,745,000
    {N} House MD $30,878,001
    Dukes 95 Sideways $60,543,750
    SCC Falling Tears $39,540,000
    Horse name $0
    Horse name $0
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    Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
    unnamed Appendix Quarterhorse Stallion 8.7 western (Provincial) Not for Sale
    †£ Tulio Appendix Quarterhorse Stallion 9.9 racing (National) Not for Sale
    ▲| Belzhar Hobelar War Horse Mare 11 western (National) Not for Sale
    unnamed Holsteiner Mare 7.65 dressage (Regional) Not for Sale
    {Θτ} Alameda Lipizzaner Mare 6 halter (Local) Not for Sale
    unnamed Appendix Quarterhorse Mare 6.55 racing (Regional) Not for Sale
    unnamed Thoroughbred Stallion 0.1 (Local) Not for Sale
    unnamed Clydesdale Stallion 11 sport (National) Not for Sale
    unnamed American Cream Draft Mare 11 sport (Provincial) Not for Sale
    unnamed Appendix Quarterhorse Mare 6.9 racing (Provincial) Not for Sale

    Net Worth: $1174293718