Claiborne Farms
Owned by Alaizabel
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Last on: 2015-04-01 22:29:28
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Wild Wides
Gallantly Gaited
Wholesome Warmbloods
Grace and Glory
Fit and Fearless
Teh Smarts
Magically Mighty
Tenacious Trainer

About Claiborne Farms

If you’re “in” with the racing scene you probably know where the name ‘Claiborne Farms’ comes from and you’re probably wondering where the hell are all the Thoroughbreds?? Well Claiborne Farms was created back when the eventing bonuses were in effect to be used as an eventing stable, primarily for Duke Ranch’s Thoroughbreds (and other sport breeds). These days though with the bonuses gone the TBs have stumbled back to the main barn and all the “secondary” breeds have stumbled here (perfectly fitting for a secondary account eh?). You can find almost any type of extra breed on this ranch these days with a main focus on Warmbloods, Shows, & Gaited horses with the occasional Feral or Draftie (depending on what is popular or interesting to DUR at the time).

Public Eventing


Price: 100% of Winnings, No Start Up Fee
This ranch ONLY events for 100% of winnings, UNLESS you've worked a deal out with me. I don't split 50/50 or any other way unless you plan on paying a large start up fee. You don't like it? Find someone else.

Horse Breed Discipline Owner

Current (Mentionable) Eventers

Horse Breed Discipline Earnings
BsI War Inspired Mangalarga Marchador Gaited $27,530,000
dυĸeѕ Caledonia [ℓ] Lippitt Morgan Halter $31,650,000


  • Feb. 12th 2012: Placed 5th in Rhapsody In Blue - HoF Train Off with IÐM Dark Creator (34606 C.S.), Claiborne Farms
  • Aug. 25th 2011: Placed 2nd in American Indian War Horse Train-off with ~RA~ Araphaho (78M+), Duke Ranch
  • July 29th 2011: Placed 2nd in Ava's Outer Space Thoroughbred Trainoff with WĦR Dance of the Mayflies {SPACE} .ia. (84006 C.S.), Duke Ranch
  • Dec. 24th 2010: Placed 5th in Arctic Challenge/Multi-horse Train-off> with WĦR Acerbus .ice. (24M+) and WĦR Kenro-Ji-Jin .fa. (1.9M+), Claiborne Farms
  • July 31st 2010: Placed 5th in Fourth Annual Champion Thoroughbred with [Pm] Delano (20M+), Duke Ranch

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    Horse Breed Gender age Training (level) Market
    unnamed Anglo Arab Mare 1 (Local) For Sale 4000000
    unnamed Cleveland Bay Mare 1 (Local) For Sale 4000000
    (K) How Low Dutch Warmblood Stallion 8 dressage (Provincial) Not for Sale
    unnamed Cumberland Island Horse Stallion 6.9 endurance (Regional) Not for Sale
    unnamed Dutch Warmblood Stallion 9.3 dressage (Provincial) Not for Sale
    unnamed Cumberland Island Horse Mare 5.6 racing (Local) Not for Sale
    dυĸeѕ AV Ximena Peruvian Pinto Paso Mare 7.8 racing (Regional) Not for Sale
    NCIS Tractor Clydesdale Stallion 8 western (Provincial) Not for Sale
    dυĸeѕ Pond-ering Wintry Walking Horse Stallion 9.85 gaited (Provincial) Not for Sale
    .PA Deliberation Dutch Warmblood Stallion 8.25 dressage (Provincial) Not for Sale

    Net Worth: $954415440