horses not showing up on market place search

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horses not showing up on market place search

Postby Twisted » Mon May 02, 2016 6:59 am

ok, so I've noticed a few times when I'm searching horses on the market place (I use this to sort through my eventers/breeders on my ranches and pull what I need from the pasture) they're not showing up. I noticed a few times when I would search a specific ranch number (say, 100820 for example) and would search for, say, all SAMCRO Warmblood stallions, arranged by age that a few would that are very much on that account would NOT show up on the search results list.

I said "oh, no big deal, I'll do public view of my ranch and look for 'em that way"

but then today I noticed that one of my fillies I'm eventing has her sire's color (Gatsby) and I didn't notice until today, well in a state of panic I went to the market place to search all horses colored "Gatsby" to make sure I hadn't accidentally sold a foal or anything like that with his color on it...but when I go to the market place and put Gatsby in the search box (no other filters, like ranch number or anything like that) the ONLY horse that shows up is my filly, •†wis†ed• Inception...her sire (original horse of color) •†wis†ed• Dacaprio doesn't come up. Now I looked at all his foals and she's the only one with his color, so that's no big deal, and finding the information isn't my worry so much as someone maybe taking advantage of this bug.

Imagine if he had 3 foals, all with that color, and I sold one...there would be 4 horses of the color BUT the one I sold happens to be the only one who pops up when you do a market place search of the color...that player could potential sell the foal as "one & only horse of color" for a lot more money than what it's really worth and the buyer would not know unless someone else steps up and says "hey, I have a horse with that color too! you're a Liar McLiarson!" or even if it was done unintentionally, like if I buy a random foal off the market, notice it has a unique color I've never seen, and then I search the color and my little random foal is the only one who pops up...I'm going to think I just got REALLY lucky and have a much more valuable horse, when I actually don't

and as said in the first part of this post, I don't think it's just a bug with the colors or even this one color in particular, I think it's a bug when searching for horses period as I've noticed when I use the market place to search my ranch for specific horses (either by breed, training type, or if they're listed as "for sale" or not) I've noticed, more than a few times, horses missing off of the results page list
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Re: horses not showing up on market place search

Postby Jellybeanjoe » Mon May 02, 2016 7:18 am

Recently the default price maximum was changed to 1M (1000000). You need to raise this to catch any horse up for sale/stud/etc to be included in the search. Even if you're not looking for horses for sale/stud/etc.

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