I have stuck bonuses, what should I do?

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I have stuck bonuses, what should I do?

Postby Hawk » Fri Nov 11, 2011 11:16 am

This is not a bug or glitch, it happens when the player removes the main bonus without removing the sub bonuses first.


Main Bonus:
Better Breeder

Sub Bonuses:
Fast Foals
Bountiful Broods
Fantastic Foals
Twice is Thrice

Now say you have Better Breeder, Fast Foals and Bountiful Broods. You then remove Better Breeder and later try to remove Fast Foals. Having removed Better Breeder first, it will lock Fast Foals and Bountiful Broods until you add Better Breeder back in. And no, those bonuses will not work if you don't have the main bonus picked also.

So, when you think your account is broken on the bonuses, take a quick look and see if this is the reason why.

Now, if you do indeed have the main bonus enabled and the sub bonus still won't remove, then please submit a ticket to Orbis Worlds.
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