Stud Bonuses

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Stud Bonuses

Postby horses29938 » Wed Jun 14, 2017 6:26 pm

So if I was to breed with a stud on someone else's ranch, and they had no bonuses (like mine) would that impact them if the ranch they were being bred on has the stud bonuses?

I guess my real question is should I bother leveling this account and getting bonuses like Genetic Genius, Faithful and Fertile, Better Boys etc. so when people breed with my studs it produces better foals or does t only apply if the ranch that is breeding the mare to the stud has those?

Sorry this is quite confusing but I tried to explain it as well as I can lol

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Re: Stud Bonuses

Postby magicmarleyjones » Thu Jun 15, 2017 8:21 am

Hawk wrote:Very first line on the BC thread:
Please remember, if it's born on a ranch with breeding bonuses, breeding skills or from parents on accounts with breeding bonuses, you can not claim something as a BC. Since bonuses and skills both ignore the natural BC. Please do not post or change BC already listed, unless you can prove it via foals bred out on accounts WITHOUT Breeding bonuses!

I know this is originally about BC, but to me it says if stud is on a ranch with the stud bonuses when it is bred to a mare on an account without stud bonuses, the foal will still be affected.

So if you have stud bonuses, horses at stud will produce better foals even if a non-bonus ranch uses them.

I think.
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