Buying extra PB pairs with Playcash and making PBs public!

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Buying extra PB pairs with Playcash and making PBs public!

Postby Hawk » Tue Jan 10, 2017 9:07 pm

Okay, so we finally got the go ahead from Nef to make this a thing!

You can now purchase extra PB pairs with playcash! The cost will be $10million per horse or $20 million per pair.
To do this you MUST be the owner of the PB or have a ticket submitted from the PB owner giving permission for you to buy them!

First: You need to send a contract to the admin ranch for the amount required to purchase your requested number of horses. Example, you want to buy 4 horses you send a contract for $40,000,000 to ranch #1.
Next: You then go to Orbis Worlds and submit a PB ticket that includes the following information:
*Which breed you're ordering.
*How many of the breed.
*Genders of the breed. (Yes, you can order all mares, all studs, or pairs. Whatever you need.)
*Which account to place the horses on.
*Which ranch number you submitted your contract from.

We will then check the admin ranch, accept the contract and place your foundies on your ranch.

Do you wish to make your PB public for a short amount of time?
You can do this also by submitting a ticket to OW asking for them to be made public and for how long.
Once Nef takes care of the ticket, the breed will be added to the foundies sponsor purchase page for $10million per horse, or players can submit a ticket to purchase them via tokens.

If you're wanting to allow a friend to buy pairs, but not make them completely public, then follow the steps above for play cash purchasing. The PB owner submits a ticket to OW listing who is allowed to buy pairs, then the players submit a ticket requesting the pairs and listing if they're paying with tokens or have submitted a contract for playcash purchase.

NOTE: No trying to be sneaky and requesting other players PB's. We do have a full list of who owns every PB. Any player caught trying to buy another persons PB without their permission may be risking suspension.
Also note that new pairs do NOT come with custom colors.
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