Reminder: We do NOT delete accounts.

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Reminder: We do NOT delete accounts.

Postby Hawk » Sun Feb 28, 2016 10:09 am

Nefertete wrote:can you delete my account?
Never have, never will.

I do not delete accounts for obvious reasons so please do not ask me as its one of those mood triggers...

If I deleted accounts, besides game unstability, why would I have the additional account rules at all?

When you create your 3 ranches, thats your 3, no 'restarts'. Create 4 and start to get in the redzone... following the rules can keep you somewhat safe.

5 accounts we suspend... all your accounts, create another, loose access to the site, especially if you broke additional rules. Your history is saved if you break a rule and if not caught right away, you will be caught sooner than later.

Help keep VHR free for those whom cant enjoy a sponsor for what ever reasons, and follow the rules, and thank you for playing :) I will post more common support issues, this one just needed to be mentioned.

It doesn't matter the reason, we do NOT and will NOT ever delete accounts.

Players take breaks, and we like being a game that they know they can return to and find the things they put their time, energy and often many times real money into, still there waiting for them to return.

Players get banned? Yes, but very rarely does anyone get permanently banned and we still like to ensure their stuff is still there if they come back.

And most importantly, deleting things causes game instability. It leaves gaps in the coding, and makes horses blood lines end up full of blank holes. We keep the market places clean by wiping them of all inventory and horses a couple times per year. This ensures inactive players things are not cluttering the markets, thus making inactive accounts a non issue. So maybe re-read this or the original thread in Support and think about why we do things the way they are. To not destroy the game for everyone.

Thank you.
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