So you want to become an Op?

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So you want to become an Op?

Postby Hawk » Wed Jan 30, 2013 3:33 pm

Then you won't be, only crazy people wanna be ops and we don't need any more....

Seriously though, this is still one of the most asked questions, How do I become an Op, Is Nef hiring Ops and so and so on. So we decided it time to put a post up in regards to how becoming an Op works.

Nef does not hire and you do not apply, we head hunt.
That's right, the Ops decide what players to select as potential candidates to become an Op if the need ever arises.

We will never post or announce if we're thinking of adding in new ops.
We simply all watch the community, and when we see a player that is highly active within the community that looks like they might be good Op potential, then we mark their name down on a list of possible candidates for the future.
All potentials must be active, must be friendly and knowledgeable in the game. They must also have NO violation points or warnings in game, forums or chat, and must not have issues within the community with players or Ops. Even if you think your qualms and issues with another a person in game are hush hush, odds are everyone knows! It's just how the community is, word of mouth and wildfire.

When the time comes that we find ourselves in need of a new op, then we will look over the compiled list, see who still looks to be a good potential candidate and then put it to a vote. A candidate must receive a vote of Yes from ALL current active Ops, a single no gets the name removed and we move on in the list. This is because we need a team that can all work together and get along well, to ensure things get done within the game without bickering or power playing.
Once a potential receives a full panel of yes votes, then we will run it past Nef, to make sure there is nothing hidden we are unaware of. If she gives the final okay, then we go ahead and elect one of the Ops to contact the potential with the offer and go from there.

So bottom line answer on how do I become an op?
Don't look for it, don't try to be an Op, just be a good person and good community member and we will find you.
This does not mean go sucking up to everyone, including ops, as that is actually the fastest way to get dropped from consideration.
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