Do you have a game problem? Orbis Worlds FAQ

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Do you have a game problem? Orbis Worlds FAQ

Postby Alabama » Thu Jan 14, 2010 3:25 pm

So you're having a problem in game, whether it's with another player, contracts, upgrades, goodie dyes, etc.. You'll need to put a ticket in through Orbis Worlds.

How do I get to Orbis Worlds?
There is a link at the bottom of all in-game pages, or you can type '' into your URL bar or you can click here

Do I need to create an account?
Yes. It's also helpful if you can to link your game account(s) to the Orbis Worlds account.

How do I link my accounts to Orbis Worlds?
Click on management in game and you'll see a "Link to Orbis Worlds" button. Click on that and it'll ask you for your Orbis Worlds login information. Once you provide it, the account will be linked. Linking accounts is helpful for a number of reasons. It helps establish your ownership of the account and it also helps us identify which account your are referring to when putting a ticket in.

How do I create a support ticket?
Once you are logged into Orbis Worlds, near the top right corner of the page is a link that says "GetHelp!" click on it. You'll need to select a topic that most suites your problem. If a couple different ones seem to fit, select one and you'll be given a list of choices. If the choices aren't your problem, try going back and selecting another that's similar. If you can't find one that fits, just choose the one that is most similar.

You're also given a drop down box to select which account the problem is occurring on. If the account is linked, it will be one of the options. If it's not linked, please link it. (see question above) If you cannot link it, leave it as the orbis worlds account.

The next box is for you to explain in more detail what the problem is. Please put as much information as possible in there. DO NOT put your log in information, user name or password. We do not need or want that information.

When you are done, click on Create Ticket.

What information do I need to include?

All the information you can provide: We will need at the very least, your account number or player name and which game you are playing (VHR, VP, SBF, etc). We will also need a summary of the problem, as detailed as you can get.
If it's a problem with another player, we will need their account info (account number/username) along with what the problem is. Please do not delete any messages from that player. If you feel you must delete the messages, save a screenshot and provide a link for us to view.
For lost usernames and passwords we'll need the account number. If you do not have even that, we'll need to know your current active accounts to see if we can find it through IP. Please try the password recovery link also
Problems with training/money loss/contracts or other coding problems, a detailed description of what you were doing when the problem happened is helpful, as is a screen shot.
Problems with upgrades and goodies we will need a transaction ID or last name on credit card. If sent through the mail, the state or area it was mailed from will help us.

I've created a ticket, now what?
Check back on your ticket from time to time. To do that, log into Orbis Worlds and to the right of the GetHelp! link is a link for Support Messages. Click on it. This will list all tickets you've created and what their status is. If you click on View Ticket, it allows you to see what you've said, and what response was given. If you'd like to comment further, there's a box there for you. If you have not received a response, you may need to "bump" the ticket from time to time by posting on it. We suggest every couple days.

What does pending, escalated and closed mean on my ticket?
Pending means it is waiting on a response, either from you or from a moderator.
Escalated means the problem can't be solved by a game moderator and needs the game techs and/or owner's attention.
Closed means the issue has been resolved or has waited too long for a response and considered inactive. If you are still having a problem with that issue, you'll need to either create another ticket (be sure to reference the original ticket #) or contact a game moderator in game, on the forums or in chat.
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Re: Do you have a game problem? Orbis Worlds FAQ

Postby Hawk » Tue Dec 08, 2015 5:21 pm

Regardless of what your problem is, the report MUST be done through Orbis worlds.

Sending emails directly to the game owner can and do get lost very easily. Also all game issues emailed to her still get run through us before being handled and nine times out of ten will get you the response of "Submit a ticket to OW".

If someone is harassing you, breaking rules, impersonating an Admin or another player... Any issue at all, just follow the guidelines above and we will get your issue resolved as quickly as possible.
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