Just Started Playing?

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Just Started Playing?

Postby Alabama » Fri Oct 16, 2009 3:13 pm

Welcome to VHR!

You may want to take a look at the terms of service and look around through the Tips, Tricks, Guides and Advice section of the forums. Our players have taken time to put out lots of useful information for everyone.

Some Basic FAQs
Horse related FAQs and other FAQs
How many ranches can I have?
Novice players are allowed a maximum of three accounts. These will be monitored, and all novice accounts must follow the rules – including the rule that you may not make cash transfers between novice ranches. All e-mail addresses are checked when accounts are approved – the e-mail is used as one of two ways of verifying that accounts are held by the same person. Players may have an unlimited number of paid sponsor accounts (To upgrade go to the My Account button on the left side of your ranch page), and can have up to nine novice accounts per paid sponsor.
Sometimes, ranches started by people in the same house will ‘flag’ as extra ranches. It’s a good idea to limit the numbers if you’ve got siblings or friends, and don’t try selling horses between you. There are enough horses on VHR that you shouldn’t have to pick only your friends’ horses – though you CAN trade or share horses with the use of Contracts.

How do I get a horse?
Fortunately, they’re all over the place here! There are many ways to find horses on VHR – here’s just a few:
# Try looking on the bulletin boardfound by hovering your cursor over [community]. Players often advertise horses for sale here.
# The Marketplace lists all horses currently for sale – and you can look for specific breeds, colours, training types and even genders by going to the Search Horses link.
# Players often advertise special deals on horses in the VHR Chat.
# The VHR Forums contain a Classifieds board – many excellent horses can be found here.
# And last, but not least, you can also search for ranches and players by clicking on Community and just have a browse through what’s available!
Be careful, though, and don’t buy more horses than you’re sure you can handle at once – it might be nice to have twenty or more, but it can get expensive feeding them (and yes, you can go into debt – though your horses will ALWAYS be fed no matter what!) and it makes it a little harder to train your horses every turn. Start slow and you’ll do well!

How do I make money?
There are a lot of ways to make money. Here’s a couple of quick tips!
# Run your horses in Trial Events – this can earn them up to $7,000 before they cannot be trialed any more.
# Enter your horses in Gymkhana Events once they are level 25.
# Enter your horses in events once they’re trained – they can win you money if they’re successful!
# Bet on horses in events – the better their show record, the more likely they are to win – but sometimes the best money is to be made betting on a long shot!
# Breed your horses and sell them – but remember that trained horses make better foals!
# If you’re handy with a pencil or your mouse, you can offer personally drawn pictures to horse owners!
# If you’re better with HTML coding, there’s almost always someone looking for a ranch layout!
There are loads of other ways – just see what works for you!
# You can also check out the tips and tricks section of the forums for more advice.

How do I make a layout for my ranch page?
VHR does not provide HTML support for building layouts, but there are plenty of good resources on the web – just try searching for “HTML tutorial” or “HTML help”. Once you’ve got the code you want to put onto your ranch, click “Edit Ranch” in the account information box on the management page. There is a large box beneath the Long Description title that you’ll need to paste the code into – then click the “Edit Ranch” button near the bottom of the page.

I came from Horseland (or another game) – why isn’t this game like those?
Virtual Horse Ranch is unique and uses its own ideas as well as player suggestions. If all the online horse games were the same, it wouldn’t be very interesting, now, would it? You’ll find the game easy to learn if you surf around, check out the help files and just play!

Is there a way I can create my own dream horse right from the start?
Nope, at least not for free – where’s the fun in the journey if you start at the destination? The long answer is: These horses are not just text on a screen – they’re complex. Each VHR horse is unique – even if it is only by a tiny, tiny difference – because they are created using virtual genetics. When they are born, they inherit stats, height, colour and more from their parents.
The challenge and the fun of the game is taking a horse and breeding it to produce your ideal – and the mixing and matching of horses to get new breeds and new competition winners is the best part of this game.
To sort of explain VHR horses: These horses are bred by players, and although they are only text on a screen right now, they are realistic and fully dimensional. All horses are unique, special, and carry their own attributes, just like real horses!

You can however purchase a private breed all your own through the Goodies link ingame.

Other Help Guides if you're just starting out:

Getting started playing
Feeding, Breeding and Training your horse
What Do the Stats Mean?
What should you event your horse in?
Eventing your horse
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Re: Just Started Playing?

Postby Alabama » Sun Nov 08, 2009 12:35 pm

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