Box Dye Sales!

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Box Dye Sales!

Postby Hawk » Sun Feb 12, 2017 12:34 am

I know that we all love box dyes, and most of us have a stash of them floating around our inventories. Some of us just collect them and never put them on horses, but trading them or selling them to another player can be a pain at times. Especially if your buyer doesn't have a horse that they want the dye on.

After some dyes getting poached from the market after an auction (innocent, accident, or malicious, we do not know) we've decided to start allowing dye delivery service.

What is dye delivery service you ask?
Well, basically when your auction or sale is over, if the buyer doesn't want it put on a horse, you can contact an op to arrange to have the dye transferred to the buyer.
how this will work is I or one of the other admin will contract a horse over to the seller from the main Admin ranch #1. The seller will then dye that horse with the box dye and return the horse. Once the horse is dyed with the box dye that was sold, I or another admin will place a duplicate of that box dye in the buyers inventory.

Now, there is only one catch to this. We can NOT do this for the 6 year reward dyes. All the others box dyes though, we can offer this service.

This should help ensure buyers get their dyes and no more random poaching from the market.
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